Kopparberg recalls drinks from Asda over fears they may EXPLODE

Customers have complained the glass has been smashing "spontaneously"

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Kopparberg is recalling thousands of bottles of its drinks from shelves over fears the glass may shatter.

The Swedish cider firm pulled its strawberry and raspberry sparkling rosé after reports of several breaking spontaneously.

Shocked mum-to-be Leanne Wayte said the bottle “exploded” despite being unmoved for hours.

She told The Sun: “I had bought it to celebrate my baby arriving.

“I’m just so lucky that I wasn’t holding it at the time. In fact, we were in bed when it happened.

“The bang was so loud we thought someone had broken in.

“It’s crazy. I’ve never heard of bottles exploding like that before.

“It just makes you think, what if we had brought it out for Sunday lunch and we were all sat round the table?

“The glass shattered absolutely everywhere. It’s so dangerous.”

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Kopparberg is warning customers not to not open or drink it and to dispose of the bottle “carefully” but immediately.

A spokesperson for the Food Standards Agency said: “If you have bought any of the products do not attempt to open the bottle or drink the contents.

“Instead handle the bottle carefully and dispose of it immediately.”

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Another customer revealed: “I bought it from Asda. I had it in an Asda bag, I had put it on the floor, it was on the floor for about 10 minutes and then it just smashed everywhere.

“I thought I had knocked the bag and it maybe hit a stone or something but my friend who I was with said I hadn’t.

“We thought the cork must have popped out somehow, but when we looked it was at the bottom of the bottle that had smashed and the cork was still in.”

The drinks were only available at Asda and have now been removed from stores in the UK.

If you happen to have one of these bottles, dispose of it straight away and be careful!