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Kirstie Allsopp vows to boycott British businesses if COVID passports are introduced

Do you agree with her?!

Kistie Allsopp has hit out at the prospect of COVID passports used within the UK.

The outspoken Location, Location, Location presenter, 49, says she will refuse to shop or spend anywhere that requires a coronavirus vaccination passport.

kirstie allsopp covid passports
Kirstie is angry over the prospect of UK operated COVID passports (Credit: SplashNews)

What did Kirstie Allsopp say about COVID passports?

Taking to Twitter, the celebrity host tweeted: “Vacation certificates have long been an accepted part of international travel.

“But I will not enter a UK pub, shop or theatre that requires medical information before serving me or my family, nor will I vote for any party that supports this, it is a step too far.”

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This comes after a report in The Telegraph was published earlier this week.

Here it said future sports events may trial a COVID passport system.

However, so far the government has insisted this is only at a planning stage, and no final decision has been made.

But Kirstie’s outcry didn’t sit well with some Twitter fans.

In fact, many questioned why she was so angry about the prospect.

Kirstie Allsopp twitter
Kirstie is a bit of a Twitter provocateur these days (Credit: SplashNews)

Why is Kirstie so against them?

She even replied to one curious user with: “Because we can ask those who are not vaccinated not to go to the pub until their turn arrives. Because we can decide that trust, and personal assessment of risk is important.

“Because we can be a nation of liberty and curtesy or we can become one of draconian laws.”

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Another disagreed with Kirstie, arguing: “No it isn’t – it’s a step towards freedom and normalcy.”

And a further user claimed: “So you need ID to hire a car, take out a library book, book a flight, open a bank account, start a job… etc . Everyone accepts it, but have it as proof of a vaccination, all of a sudden its fascism.”

Despite these disagreements, some users still rallied around Kirstie’s sentiments.

One user argued: “I completely agree with you. Although at this point I’m willing to do a lot of things to go out with mates.”

Another user stated: “I cannot believe how many people actually think that vaccination passports in exchange for a normal life is acceptable. Has everyone gone mad?”

Why did Kirstie ‘quit’ Twitter?

Kirstie’s latest tweet comes after she claimed to be taking a break from Twitter.

She’d ruffled feathers just a few weeks back when she tweeted about the potential of no foreign holidays for Brits.

This was then followed by multiple tweets against disposable face masks.

On March 22, she said she wouldn’t be back until after Easter.

She had tweeted: “Taking a wee break from Twitter. Always a good idea to do this from time to time. You can get bogged down fretting about the unpleasant people, and you forget that the vast majority of people are good and kind. I’ll be back after Easter.”

Indeed, the star has ‘quit’ Twitter on many occasions now, but is usually back to Tweeting within weeks.

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