Kimberley Walsh shares adorable pic of baby son bonding with his little cousin

If ever a photograph will make you go "awwwwwww"...

Take a look at this picture and tell us if you feel like having a baby right here and now?

Kimberley posted this adorable picture of her son Cole and her nephew Teddy (Credit: Instagram)

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We bet you are.

Those super cute teeny tiny feet are enough to make even the most miserable so-and-so crack a smile.

It was posted by gorgeous Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh, and features the latest addition to the family, Cole, with his cousin Teddy.

What a lovely picture it is and it was taken by Kimbo’s sister Amy, who you all know from Emmerdale. Do her talents never end?

Cole is now five months and is brother to two-year-old Bobby (Credit: Instagram)

Kimberley gave birth to her second son Cole – she has a two-year-old son called Bobby – in December of last year and says that he’s a rather cheerful soul.

“He’s so happy all the time and is really loving,” she told Fabulous recently. “He’s the easiest baby to make smile.”

Kimberley says Cole is a very happy baby (Credit: Instagram)

Now six months on, Kimberley is looking great, but refreshingly she says she’s not one of those celebrity mums who really cares about getting back to her pre-pregnancy figure.

“A lot of mums don’t go back [to their pre-baby bodies] straight away,” she said.

“Gaining weight is a sacrifice, but a whole human being has been created, so it’s fine!”

Although she is looking slim again after giving birth, she says she’s in no rush lose weight (Credit: Instagram)

She added: “I’m still breastfeeding, so it’s not really an option to diet.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be one of those women who just went back [to their pre-baby bodies], but I’ve always known it’s going to take a bit of work. I’m too tired at the moment to say: ‘I need to get to the gym or do a diet.’

“You’ve got to be realistic. I wouldn’t be a very good mum if I didn’t eat, as then I’d be hungry and tired.

“Once I stop breastfeeding, which will probably be fairly soon, then I can try and get back on track.”

Kimberley says she’d rather not speak about Cheryl in interviews (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Kimberley says she has decided not to talk about her best mate Cheryl in public anymore.

“I don’t want to talk about anything to do with Cheryl because she’s so private about it all. It’s not my place – I’ll leave it to her to speak,” she explained.

“I feel like anything I say becomes a story in its own right, which is the last thing that I really want.”

Are Girls Aloud reuniting? (Credit: unknown)

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However, she may have to talk about Cheryl if the rumours that Girls Aloud are reuniting to mark their 15th anniversary are true.

Sadly, it seems they’re not. Or so Kimberley would have us believe.

“I’ve read about us reuniting and thought: ‘Well, nobody’s spoken to me,’” she said.

“I’ve not heard anything from any of the girls and I speak to most of them regularly, so it’s not on the cards anytime soon I’m afraid.

Girls Aloud’s first single was Sound Of The Underground

“But I’m sure I would be the first to know if it was happening. I think everyone is really busy doing what they’re doing. Right now, it feels like we’ve moved on and are doing different things.”

While a reunion might not seem a priority right now Kimberley does offer us some hope.

“You can never say never in life, can you?” she teased. “I guess it’s just not where my head is at the moment, but stranger things have happened.”