Kimberley Walsh reveals what “makes her sick” about other new mums

The singer admits that she compares herself to others

Kimberley Walsh has admitted that it hasn’t been easy for her to get back into shape after the birth of her children. Former Girls Aloud star Kimberley is mum to Bobby, three, and Cole, 10 months.

She said it “makes her sick” to see friends “snap back into shape” after giving birth.

“It always takes me a bit of time,” she told Now magazine, saying that she had to “work hard” for the results.

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Last month, Kimberley told Lorraine Kelly how it made it easier to have friends who are parents. Her former bandmate Cheryl gave birth to a son Bear earlier this year.

“All my best friends have got babies,” said Kimberley. “We’re all in the same boat.”

She also revealed what it’s like when she and Cheryl get together with their children.

“It’s carnage! It’s a creche, basically. It’s so much easier when you can share those things. If you are worried about something, you’ve got people to talk to.”

Kimberley has previously said that Cheryl is an “amazing” mum.

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“I knew she would be,” she added. “It’s so lovely that we’re going through it together.”

“Cole is pretty much trampling over Bear at the moment though so I have to hold him back because he’s crawling and Bear is not at that stage.”

Kimberley admits that she’s rarely apart from her children.

“I know I’m a celebrity but sometimes I look at other celebrities and think, ‘Am I doing something seriously wrong here?'” she told The Mirror last month.

“I see that they’re out having a great time and I’ve barely left my children’s side for the last three years.

“But I can’t really let go. If I go away for a night, it’s a really big deal for me.”

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