Kim Woodburn lays into Phillip Schofield in EXPLOSIVE outburst

She labelled the This Morning host a "bully" and a "big phoney!"

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This could possibly be one of the most awkward interviews to date.

Kim Woodburn went on an epic rant at poor Phillip Schofield and Holly Willougby on This Morning.

Phil was merely pointing out that none of the housemates had actually argued with each other before Kim entered the house.

The feisty star quickly hit back saying: “You weren’t in there Phil. I was told to get back to my cleaning, how awful is that?”

During the interview, Phil asked the brutally honest Kim if she had any regrets about her behaviour during her time in the CBB house.

She replied by saying: “I’m sorry it came to that, but I’m not sorry I said those things.”

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But before interviewing Kim, they cut over to the promo of Loose Women, and let’s just say, you could cut the tension with a knife.

Holly asked CBB winner, Coleen Nolan, if she would talk fellow housemate, Kim.

The blonde said: “You said you’d never speak to Kim again but she’s sitting here beside me right now, is there anything you want to say?”

Coleen replied “no” and Kim cut straight in saying: “I feel the same way dear” but her face looked pretty furious as Phillip and Holly started the interview.

Strap yourselves in…

When Phil explained how he had watched the series, Kim interjected by saying: “You watched 45 minutes, we were filmed for 24 hours , you have no idea what it was like.”

You won’t believe what she said next!

“Don’t think you are going to bully me, I have been around too long,” she said.

“Are you saying I am bullying you?” replied Phil.

“You are giving me the impression from the time I came on here that you don’t know what you’re talking about Phil,” replied Kim.

“Go in that house for 24 hours, sit there and watch it for 45 minutes a night and then you tell me why I was annoyed. The other 23 hours were naughty. Go in there and see what it’s all about.”

Calm down lovie!

The TV personality then went on to ask Kim if Coleen Nolan was a worthy winner, which former housemate Kim replied by saying “no” because she was “two faced”.

She firmly said: “I do not, she was sweet as pie to me saying ‘good night Kim, want a cup of tea Kim?’ and little did I know when she’s on the sofa in the smoking area she’s ripping me to pieces.

“I’m not two faced, she’s a horrible person.”

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Phil sweetly defended Coleen by saying she had won because she’s “a lovely person”, which then followed by Kim calling him a “phoney”.

She then said: “You’ve got a lot of time left,  I couldn’t give a toss if I never get another television job again.”

Poor Holly kept her mouth shut and laughed awkwardly throughout the entire thing.

Viewers seemed to have mixed views on Kim’s interview.

One viewer took to Twitter saying: “I dislike #Kim Woodburn even more now. It’s one thing playing up on #Cbb but don’t go on @thismorning and start on @Schofe #horriblecow.”

Another added: “Watching @Schofe interviewing Kim on this morning, I absolutely love him and her answers.”

Even former housemate Jamie O’Hara tuned in to see the show.

He tweeted saying: “Hahahahaha @Schofe you big phony @thismorning imagine having to live with her for a month.”

Ouch! It seemed Jamie wasn’t keen on the opinionated reality star either.

Brave Phil then asked if she regretted doing the show.

Kim replied by saying: “I love the money, I may be 74, don’t mess with me. You don’t know what you’re talking about Phil.

“I never look for trouble, you bring it to me I’ll crucify you. Why should I have to be bossed around by her [Coleen]. I think it’s very important to have manners but with those pigs in there, you couldn’t.

“Sorry Phil but you weren’t there!”

“I don’t like when I come on here and you have an attitude that I’m to blame. You should have stayed neutral. You big phoney!”

How rude!

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