Kim Woodburn tells off shocked Rylan in very heated radio interview

He'll think twice before getting lippy!

Kim Woodburn snapped at Rylan Clark during an awkward interview on Radio 1.

The feisty Celebrity Big Brother star told Rylan to “stop it” when he said they had both gotten away with being too rude for the radio.

The 28-year-old This Morning presenter confessed that he was slightly terrified of interviewing Kim, and told her that she definitely lived up to her reputation.

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Kim, 75, decided to tell millions of listeners that she had been sunbathing NAKED in her garden. She then acted as agony aunt to help callers with their problems, but ended up telling most of them to “grow up”.

Laughing, Rylan said: “Kim, you are so full of wisdom, it makes me fill with joy.”

Enjoying the attention, she said: “I was born in the day dear, where you slaved your cobs off,” to which Rylan quickly responded: “She said, ‘Cobs’, just to put that out there.”

The How Clean Is Your House star didn’t like that, though. Annoyed that Rylan insinuated that what she said was dirty, Kim shouted: “Stop it! Stop it!

“If you’re looking for filth you’ll find it, I’m not giving it. Stop it! I can give filth, but I wouldn’t dream of it. How dare you suggest a woman of my age…”

No doubt feeling a bit panicked, Rylan reverted to complimenting the hot-tempered CBB star and said: “I love you so much.”

During their chat, Kim also revealed that she did not regret a thing, despite her past comments.

“I do think I had a hard time but it’s not an easy job to do. I always watch it… the beggars got me down and then I retaliated,” she said.

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Last week, there was mention of Kim replacing Holly Willoughby on This Morning after the mum-of-three was struck down with a sickness bug.

Host Phillip Schofield, who had a very heated interview with Kimwho him “phoney”, was terrified.

When Holly finally returned after two days off, the 55-year-old told her: “If you hadn’t been back, I was terrified what they were gonna do today, ‘Oh God. It’s Kim Woodburn.'”

Now, that would’ve made crackin’ telly.