Kim Woodburn filmed ‘fat shaming’ young man in hotel row

The feisty CBB star got into an explosive row in a hotel

Kim Woodburn has been filmed having a heated argument with a group of people.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant was recorded shouting at a boy calling him a “fat young man”.

It is unknown how it started, but the nation will know that she could start a row with anybody she wanted to.

The CBB star caused a lot of arguments in the house (Credit: Channel 5)

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The short clip shows her at a hotel bar with a group of youngsters.

She is heard saying: “I was in the Big Brother house… I do not look for trouble. Life’s too short.

“Don’t start being smart with me,” she says. “If you can’t take it. You tell me the truth. I’m an old broad, you’re a FAT young man.”

The 75-year-old is known for her shocking behaviour (Credit: ITV)

The group then gasp in shock, to which the man tells her where to go.

Not taking anything from the kids, Kim responds: “You tried to be smart but it won’t pay off. And a fat young man who has got a figure of about 50. Shut up!”


She is then asked to apologise by someone saying: “I think you should take that back, that’s actually quite disgusting.”

She disagrees and adds: “Shut up. I can say it, when he’s trying to belittle me at 75.”

“Look at yourself in the mirror and shut up” she shouted at the young man (Credit: Channel 5)

“I can give it if you want, but I haven’t said a word to you,” replies the man.

Clearly riled up, the How Clean is Your House star says: “Don’t bring my age into this. It’s low. You don’t know what else to say. If you can’t take it, don’t hand it out. Look at yourself in the mirror and shut up.”

The unknown man couldn’t let it lie, and said: “You look at yourself in the mirror.”

“I do. I’m an old broad and I know it,” she says back.

The sassy star is still causing trouble outside of the house (Credit: ITV)

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During this point, another person tries to step in and take Kim to another room in the hotel, but she says:”A young man trying to be smarter with a woman twice his age. You’re a [expletive] idiot.

“I’m an old broad, which you called me, which isn’t nice. You’re a fat young man. Lovey, I know I’m old. I can’t argue with that. I’m old. I’m 72 (she’s 75) and I have a better figure than you.

“I’m an old broad and you’re a fat [expletive].

“If you accuse me of being old and past it. You’re a young man who is far too overweight. Stop it”, she finishes.

Wow! Trouble must come looking for her…

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