Kim Kardashian keeping constant vigil by Kanye’s hospital bedside

The couple have been through so much emotional trauma this year

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Kim Kardashian is putting aside her own personal emotional trauma to take care of her husband.

The reality star has been through her fair share of pain over the past couple of months.

Sources have told TMZ that she wants to devote herself fully to Kanye West who is in desperate shape.

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Kim is said to have been “an emotional wreck” since the Paris robbery, but as soon as Kanye had his breakdown, everything changed for her.

Sources connected to the star have said that she has become his rock, maintaining a constant vigil at UCLA Medical Center for a whole week.

They said: “Kim wouldn’t leave his side except to see the kids. She’s been at the hospital all the time.”

Us Weekly have also revealed more details on the star. Supposedly Kim “knew he couldn’t keeping going the way he was”.

“She has been by his side through all of this, helping to feed him and laying by his side.”

“She has been an unbelievably devoted spouse,” says one source. “He’s a lucky man.”

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The good news is that TMZ reported that doctors hope to get Kanye home as early as Monday so he can be under the care of his personal doctor.

The only comment that has come from a family member is from mom-in-law Kris Jenner: “He’s exhausted. He’s just really tired. He’s had a grueling tour and it’s been a grind so he just needs some rest.”

It seems a little bit more serious than that Kris!

We hope that he gets better soon…

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