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EastEnders killer Bobby Beale lined up for shock return

But why has he resurfaced now?

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EastEnders pulled off one of the biggest surprises in Soapland when it was revealed that Bobby Beale had killed his sister Lucy in a fit of temper.

And despite the fact he’s serving his time, he’s about to get in contact with his family again…

Bobby’s back – but why? (Credit: BBC)

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It was 2014 when Walford’s biggest whodunnit began after Lucy was found dead.

We later discovered that 11-year-old Bobby had smacked her over the head with a jewellery box and then called stepmum Jane to come and help him.

Wanting to protect her son, she moved Lucy’s lifeless body to Walford common and didn’t even tell the lad he’d actually killed his sister, instead leading him to believe Lucy had woken up after their altercation, had gone out and was then attacked again and left for dead.

Ian Beale found out the truth in the 30th anniversary live episode and agreed to keep the secret too.

Ian discovered what really happened as he remarried Jane (Credit: BBC)

But the worst mistake they made was letting Max Branning go down for the crime all to protect Bobby. Max has now been released and is very definitely out for revenge, with the Beales, and the rest of the Square who thought he was guilty, well and truly in his sights.

And the sad fact is, despite all they did to protect him, Bobby wasn’t even that grateful and in fact, his behaviour got even worse.

After numerous outbursts, he eventually ended up attacking Jane with a hockey stick and leaving her in a wheelchair.

Jane was subject to numerous attacks by her son (Credit: BBC)

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The truth finally came out and Bobby went to prison last year after admitting what he did.

The final blow for Jane came when Bobby cut all contact with his family, refusing to see them while he was inside.

But now Bobby wants to resume contact with them and puts them back on his call list.

Bobby hasn’t wanted any contact until now (Credit: BBC)

Jane and Ian talk to their son, but why is he reaching out to them now?

Is he getting out after serving a (small) portion of his time? Is he a reformed character now?

Or is he having a hard time in prison and needs some help from his mum and dad? Is Bobby now a fully fledged bad egg who will use his parents to get whatever he wants?

And how will Jane and Ian deal with him after all this time?

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