Kieron Richardson reveals surprising details about being a dad

The Hollyoaks actor reveals that parenthood can be pretty messy!

Kieron Richardson, that nice boy from Hollyoaks, has revealed some rather iffy things about being a new parent.

Kieron and his hubby Carl recently became parents to twins (Credit: Instagram)

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In case you didn’t know, the handsome gay Hollyoaks actor and his husband Carl Hyland became parents a couple of weeks ago to baby twins Chase and Phoebe.

Kieron posted news of their arrival to Twitter (Credit: Twitter)

And it would seem that parenting has offered up some very strange experiences for the newbie dads.

According to Kieron, he ended up breast-feeding his baby son by accident.


Well, it turns out that one hot day last week, Kieron whipped off his top to cool down while he was looking after his son.

Kieron’s character Ste is currently in prison in Hollyoaks (Credit: Lime Pictures)

All of a sudden the peckish tot started to feast on his perky nipp!

“He’s a feeder, constantly wants food,” the new dad explained in a chat with Hollyoaks Social.

“And the other day we went down to get food and I had no top on and he started sucking on my little nipple and I’m like: ‘No! Chase! It’s not for you!’.”

But if you think that was a bit yucky, then wait for the next bit.

Kieron says that he and his husband of two years, have got this parenting thing down to a tee and have a great rota in place so they can take turns in looking after the twins.

Kieron and Carl have been married two years and have appeared on Mr & Mrs (Credit: ITV)

But in spite of their great planning, they are constantly surprised by what the twins can spring on them.

“We’re sharing the night feeds so I did the night before and Carl did last night because I had work today, so it’s team work,” he explained.

While that sounds just dandy there are some nasty bonuses that come with the job.

“Chase has weed nearly in my mouth.”

He did what????  Yes, okay so we know babies can’t control their bodily functions, but that really does sound pretty gross, right?

But then again, it’s only natural and every new parent occasionally comes under attack from a gushing baby.

Isn’t that right Cheryl?

Liam revealed that baby Bear has a habit of peeing on him and Cheryl (Credit: Instagram)

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Just recently Liam Payne revealed that he and his baby momma Chez had been soaked by their wee Bear!

With so many celeb soakings, maybe all these stars could get together and start a Celebrity Baby Club where parents can share their icky stories of baby mishaps.

Hang on a minute, ITVBe, this sounds like a six part series to us! Get in touch!

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