Kieran wants Katie to do a lie detector test to see if she cheated

A miffed Kieran isn't sure what to think after seeing his wife cavorting with a mystery fella

Oh dear, it looks like there’s a trouble at t’mill in the Price/Hayler household.

Just a week after Katie Price was ‘exposed’ for flirting with a mystery man in a club in Miami, it’s been reported that hubby Kieran still isn’t happy.

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In fact, it would appear that he’s still so suss about what she was getting up to in the club that he wants her to take a lie detector test!

How Jeremy Kyle of him!

Heat magazine this week claim that the philandering former stripper is fuming about the video clip that appeared last week during his wife’s trip to Miami where she was hard at work shooting some saucy pics.

When she returned home, a fizzing Kieran made her sit down and watch the clip back.

“He made her watch the video and said she was an embarrassment and needs to do all the things she made him do – like therapy and a lie detector test,” a source told the magazine.

“He also wants to see her phone messages, like she sees his.”

It was clear last week that something was on Kieran’s mind.

During an Instagram Live video he said: “I’m not as upbeat as I’d usually be because I’ve had some [bleep] going on recently.

“If you don’t want to listen to what I’m saying then do one,” he added.

Kieran and Katie got married back in January 2013 but their marriage went through a rocky patch a year later when Katie revealed on social media that she had caught him and her best mate Jane Pountney having it away!

After Kieran underwent a stint of counselling, the couple said they were stronger than ever.

However, last week’s episode has obviously upset things a little bit.

But in spite of these reports of Kieran’s suspicions, the pair continued to put on a united first in public.

On social media at least!

After Katie captioned a selfie with Kieran  “Cheese”, Kieran followed by posting the same photo with the caption: “Cheese on toast!!!! @officialkatieprice”

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They also posted a happy family picture in their kitchen at home.

What a cute couple, eh? For now, at least!

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