Kieran Hayler’s nanny mistress looks EXACTLY like his last fling

Katie Price revealed her husband has been cheating again yesterday

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We know Katie Price is determined to ditch Kieran after his latest bout of cheating, but if there is a chance that she forgives him one last time, she needs to learn a lesson – never be friends with or hire a woman who looks like nanny Nikki Brown or Kieran’s previous mistress, Jane Pountney.

Katie fans couldn’t help but notice that Kieran clearly has a type.

“Is it just me that thinks she looks EXACTLY like her friend Jane?” said one observer.

Another agreed: ‘Weird how the nanny looks like Jane!’

Yes, we can see it. The eyebrows, the colouring…. (Credit: Instagram / Quest TV)

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Others followed suit, commenting: “I thought they looked alike. She must be devastated”, while another said “Someone has a type”.

And you can see the similarities.

Both have the same hair colour, teased eyebrows and look quite homely.

In 2014, Katie exposed Kieran and family friend Jane’s secret affair and brutally slated her love rival on Twitter.

However, she forgave Kieran for what he had done and insisted that he have counselling for sex addiction.

News of Kieran’s latest infidelity emerged over the weekend when Katie told The Sun On Sunday that she had discovered that he and their nanny had been having it away for a year and had had sex in practically every room of the house.

Katie says that Kieran was sleeping with Nikki for a year (Quest TV)

In typical Katie fashion, she managed to slate her latest love rival by revealing Kieran had told her Nikki smelt of body odour and cigarettes!

Meanwhile, Katie has made it clear that the divorce is still, in spite of her hubby’s attempts to tell the world all is fine and dandy.

Yesterday, as news emerged of their impending divorce, Kieran posted a couple of pics and a video clip of him and Katie watching the boxing.

Katie says that despite the fact Kieran posted these lovey dovey pics the divorce is still on (Credit: Instagram)

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Katie is adamant that the divorce is still on and posted a tweet saying: “My heart is broken, Kieran’s video is fake to make it look like I’m not serious! my story is totally TRUE… it’s over.”

On another note, Kieran still has an intimate picture of him and Katie as his profile picture.

We reckon someone needs to tell him that he’s fighting a losing battle.

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