Kieran Hayler reveals he will never be cured of his ‘addiction’

Mr Katie Price sets the record straight on his cheating and sex addiction

We can’t keep up with Katie Price’s marriage.

While she might be adamant that her relationship is back on track after her hubby’s dabbling with her ex best mate, he has now said that he will always be addicted to sex.

She needn’t worry too much, though, because Kieran Hayler admitted he will never be able to shake off his sex addiction on Loose Women right in front of Katie – so he’s no plans to deceive her again.

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You may remember that, a couple of years ago, Katie exposed her cheating hubby after she discovered that he had been having it away with her maid of honour Jane Pountney, 52, and mate Chrissy Thomas, 44.

When Katie told him she planned to divorce him, Kieran waved the sex addiction card and said he couldn’t control himself.

So troubled was he with his “condition”  he underwent some intense therapy to cure his randy problem and, at one point, when his addiction was at fever pitch, they had a therapist move in with them.

He quit just a few days later saying Kieran simply couldn’t be cured.

Kieran and Katie tell all on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Speaking on Loose Women this coming Monday, he reveals: “It’ll never be gone, it’s just how you deal with it.

“I broke down completely but the only way you can ever help yourself is that you have to want to help yourself.”

He also spoke both the therapist who could not cure his insatiable hunger for sex!

“We had a guy come to the house for four days. By the end of the weekend he said: ‘You’re untreatable. I don’t want to work with you.’”

However, he said that a second expert they took on helped things along, even though for two months he banned them for touching.

“I didn’t believe what they were doing was working. We weren’t allowed to touch each other, only a kiss on the cheek,” the one-time stripper revealed.

The pair were banned from touching each other during Kieran’s therapy.

On the show, Katie pipes up to explain how Kieran had managed to hook up with her mates when she wasn’t looking.

“I was upstairs bathing the kids, he’d go down to my friend and say, ‘Right, she’s in the bath with the kids, she’ll be half an hour,’ because that was adrenaline for him. In my house,” she reveals.

“Or on the way home from work he’d say, ‘I’m five minutes away.’ He’d meet her in the car park and do it, but come in normal.”

Kieran says that on therapist banned them for touching for two months (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Now totally faithful, Kieran says that his sword play was merely a “cry for help” and “being caught was my way out”, adding: “It took Kate to save me. She’s my guardian angel and the only person I am grateful for for the rest of my life.”

The interview can be seen on Loose Women & Loved Ones on Monday at 12.30pm on ITV.

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