Kieran Hayler posts video of Katie Price drunk dancing

Junior begged her to stop embarrassing him

Kieran Hayler has uploaded a video of his wife Katie Price getting drunk and embarrassing her kids.

Katie was seen looking merry while her husband filmed her and said it was her “Jordan comeback” .

The whole family were out in full force to attend a charity football match on Saturday but Katie just couldn’t resist having a drink on her way home.

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While in her pink horse box, Pricey is seen drinking Skittles vodka while sat next to her 11-year-old son Junior Andre.

Kieran live streamed the journey to his 60,000 Instagram followers and told her that she “deserved it”.

He teases her and says: “Jordan’s coming back isn’t she?”

Katie was very merry (Credit: Instagram)

Junior quickly replies: “No, Jordan is never coming back!”

It took a while for Pricey to realise she was being filmed and then she said: “What are you filming? Why do you keep embarrassing me?!”

Kieran is then heard saying: “Sometimes you deserve it.”

We bet he was relishing every second after Katie’s drunken escapades in Miami last week.

Junior wanted his mum to stop (Credit: Instagram)

Junior begged: “Please help me! She’s so embarrassing. You know she’s drunk when she squints her eyes then opens them wide.”

Katie carried on dancing and hugged both Junior and Princess, and declared: “I don’t care. I love my kids”.

This comes after she was spotted in Miami getting close to a mystery man in a bar.

A source said: “They were very touchy feely, and at one point he leant up behind her and put his arms around her waist.”

But what everybody is probably thinking is that a little while ago, Katie vowed to give up alcohol in 2017.

She told her Loose Women panellists that she’s a “nightmare” when she’s had a drink.

Katie gave up drink earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

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“It’s taken me 38 years to do this I’ve never done dry January and I’m not going to drink for the whole year.

“When I’m pregnant I can do it, it’s just one year out of my life. When I drink I’m a nightmare!”

She added: “I don’t drink at home. Two glasses of champagne gets me [drunk] but I stay all night chatting to people.

“I’m not a rowdy drunk, I’m not even naughty. I’m going to do it for a whole year and prove you all wrong.”

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