Kieran Hayler posts cosy pics of him and Katie Price hours after she announces divorce

She claimed earlier he's been cheating with the nanny

Hang on a minute, what the hell is going on?

We thought Katie and Kieran were splitting up after she had found out he had been cheating with their kids’ nanny for a year.

According to Katie yesterday, she had made the former stripper come clean about his illicit liaison with Nicki Brown after finding texts.

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In her interview with the Sun On Sunday, she said: “I was gutted.

“For a year I was basically paying her to [BLEEP] my husband. 

“They had sex everywhere except in our bedroom, they even did it in the kids’ bathroom.”

She added: “When I confronted him he denied it at first, even when I said she’d admitted it.

“I was crying, asking, ‘How could you do this to me again?'”

But just after her interview emerged online overnight, hubby Kieran posted a picture which suggested that they were still pretty close.

In the pic Kieran and Katie are watching the boxing (Credit: Instagram)

In his Instagram story we see two pics of the couple apparently snuggled up on the couch.

We can’t see her face but we know it’s Katie (Credit: Instagram)

In the third part of the story, we see a video clip where we don’t actually see Katie’s face but can hear her distinctive voice saying “see Mayweather” as Kieran filmed McGregor’s pre-fight interview.

We can’t see her face but we can hear her voice in the video clip (Credit: Instagram)

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So what does this mean?

Are they or aren’t they getting a divorce as suggested?

Is it as amicable as she said it was going to be?

Are they still mates?

Did Kieran actually know about the story when he was posting his message on Instagram?

Who knows, they’re not saying, but it means we’re all talking about it.

But cynical online critics were fast to pour scorn on the whole story, thinking it could be a way of garnering a publicity.

Maybe showbiz relationships move on fast.

This weekend after slating each other and splitting up, Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby appear to be back on track again too.

On-off-on-off – we just can’t keep up with these celebs’ relationships (Credit: Instagram)

Bear has said: “We’re still together. Any relationship has it’s problems. We’ve got to be strong,” and added on an Instagram pots of hers: “No relationship’s perfect but I wanna do my best to keep this girl with me forever 🙃😍 she’s my best friend.”

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