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Tuesday 19th March 2019

Kerry Katona's furious rant after being trolled over "severe" sickness

She is really unhappy

Kerry Katona has shared her dismay after being trolled for posting pictures of herself while "severely" sick with Norovirus.

The mum of five revealed on Thursday she'd been suffering from a severe vomiting illness that had left her "feeling like skin and bones", sharing photos of her current state to Instagram.

She returned to the social media website hours later to say she was "shocked" to have been targeted with negative comments over the post and insisted she only posted photos from her sick bed to show the impact of Norovirus.

Kerry has said she doesn't like looking "skinny" after suffering Norovirus (Credit: Instagram @kerrykatona7)

Kerry shared more images of herself, focusing on her stomach, saying she wasn't happy to have lost weight while sick.

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Kerry said: "I have been stuck down by the Novovirus, wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy, feel like a shadow of my former self!!! I am on the mend but feel so weak!!!

"Really don't like being this skinny, it's not a healthy look!!!! I've taken pics so people can see how severe this bug is and that I have not intentionally lost this much weight purposely!!!

I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy, feel like a shadow of my former self! I am on the mend but feel so weak!

"WOW... absolutely shocking some of the comments on here!!"

Kerry said she's shocked by some of the negative comments she's received about her illness (Credit: Instagram @kerrykatona7)

She continued to rant: "Been severely sick since Tuesday, today is the first day I feel a tiny bit better!!!!!!

"Regards to the weight loss, which is completely out of my control... was only showing how severe this illness has been and I wouldn't wish it upon anybody.

"Bloody hell people, what's the matter with you?????? Get a bloody grip!!

"But for those who don't have a sad life and have sent me well wishes thank you.... the rest of you small minded people, please unfollow and take your negativity and shove up your hole!! Amen."

Kerry concluded: "Absolutely in shock at the vile comments I've received!!

"So sorry for being poorly!! It's clearly all my fault!!!"

Many of Kerry's fans rallied around her, telling the former Atomic Kitten star to ignore the negativity and just focus on getting better.

Kerry's fans told her to ignore the negativity (Credit: Instagram @kerrykatona7)

One wrote: "You don't have to justify yourself to anyone! I hope that you are now feeling better, and can start rebuilding slowly! xx."

Another said: "Get well soon Kerry, ignore the haters, they are not worth wasting any energy on, conserve it for yourself to get strong again."

A third agreed: "If people have nothing nice to say they shouldn't say anything at all. Wishing you a speedy recovery."

Kerry said she threw up over herself while driving (Credit: Instagram @kerrykatona7)

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Yesterday, Kerry had told fans she'd thrown up on herself while driving and had never felt so poorly.

She explained her two-day social media absence by saying: "Been hit by a severe sickness virus!! Feel like skin and bones!!!!!! I am not ignoring people I'm just extremely poorly, don't think I’ve ever been so poorly!!!!"

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