Kerry Katona slammed for underwear selfie alongside her 12-year-old daughter Heidi

It's not the start to the day the singer would've wanted

Kerry Katona is under fire from her Instagram followers after posing for an underwear selfie while standing alongside her young daughter, Heidi.

In the picture, the former Atomic Kitten singer, 38, can be seen in front of a mirror wearing a new bra and pants as 12-year-old Heidi looks on.

The picture was meant to inspire Kerry’s 488,000 followers to embark on a “fitness journey” – like the one she’s taken herself in recent years.

However, it left a bad taste in the mouth for some, who felt that the photo didn’t set a good example to Kerry’s offspring.

Kerry is clearly proud of her figure at the moment. She posted a series of underwear snaps on Instagram yesterday, with fans falling over themselves to compliment her.

And she followed that up with this morning’s selfie, in which she’s seen sporting a polka dot lingerie set.

Only this time, young Heidi is seen in the shot, looking on as her mum pouts into the mirror.

Kerry captioned the pic: “Loving my new underwear! Feeling great this morning… Come and join me on my fitness journey to find out more. Send me a dm.”

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However, the mum-of-four didn’t entirely get the response she was hoping for.

One follower snapped: “Usually love what you post @kerrykatona7 but this is NOT a good example for your children!”

Kerry is looking great at the moment (Credit: John Rainford/

Another agreed: “Not sure this gives your child the right guidance, taking a pic in underwear & posting it for all to see. Sorry if my comment isn’t to everyone’s taste, but just my opinion.”

And a third fan wrote: “Totally uncalled for to take a photo like that in front of your kids.”

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Not everyone had a negative opinion of the photo, though, and some loved it.

One fan cooed: “Sexy is an understatement xx Looking wonderful xx.”

Another gushed: “You look amazing. Ignore the haters, they lead boring, sad lives xx.”

Kerry posted a second photo on Instagram this morning – of herself and Heidi preparing for a morning’s worship.

The cute pic was emblazoned with the words: Good morning. Up and ready to go to church.”

Kerry captioned it: “Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday.”

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