Kerry Katona reveals she ASSISTED mum with suicide bid

The troubled star revealed all filming In Therapy for Channel 5

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Kerry Katona has spoken out about a time when she helped her mum in a suicide bid.

The troubled star broke down in tears after admitting the heartbreaking news in Channel 5’s In Therapy series.

She also apologised to her children for everything she has put them through in the past.

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The Atomic Kitten singer revealed how she assisted her drug-addict mum during her lowest moment in her life.

“I got all her medicines out and said: ‘Go on, take them, you’re selfish,’” she admitted on the show.

There was also another incident in which her mum tried to kill herself, which saw Kerry get tattoos on her wrists to prevent her ever doing the same.

Kerry, 36, reasoned that, looking at her wrists, she’d be reminded of her love for them, so she would never try to take her own life.

She said: “If it’s hereditary I’d have to be one selfish person to cut through my kids’ names, so that’s why they’re there.

“I’m so proud of how my kids have turned out and that’s down to me.”

Kerry has had a real struggle of a life, and previously recalled a horrible incident where she was attacked by her mum’s boyfriend.

In 2013, she said: “He stabbed my mum in each breast. He threatened to cut off my legs. It was horrendous.”

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Surprisingly, she also said that, despite her difficult childhood, she doesn’t blame her mother.

“I’ve never, ever blamed my mum for anything,” she confirmed.

Kerry was taken into foster care at 13 as her mum and family members could no longer look after her.

“I was an only child and from the moment I was born, my life was a drama. I’ve never really known any different,” she said.

The show also saw Kerry take the opportunity to say sorry to her kids. She has Molly Marie and Lilly-Sue with ex-husband Brian McFadden, daughter Heidi and son Maxwell with second husband Mark Croft, and daughter Dylan with third husband George Kay.

“I’d like to apologise to my kids, because they should have stability and routine,” the mum-of-five tearfully said.

“I don’t want them going through anything I went through. I think my reasons to have a man in my life weren’t for my kids, maybe it was for my benefit.”

Kerry has come a long way since her childhood, and we love her fighting spirit.

In Therapy: Kerry Katona will air on Thursday November 3 at 10pm on Channel 5.