chris tarrant and kerry katona

Kerry Katona hits back at Chris Tarrant after he calls her ‘gobby’ and says he made her cry

A very unlikely feud!

Kerry Katona has hit back at Chris Tarrant after he branded her as ‘gobby.’

The former Who Wants To Be  A Millionaire host, 74, took an unexpected swipe at the former Atomic Kitten singer, 40.

Speaking to The Mirror, he recalled meeting her at a charity event in Marbella, Spain.

And he says she was “a monster.”

He told the paper:  “Oh gosh, a monster. She was just all over the place, we were trying to do charity stuff and she kept butting in and eventually I probably did say, ‘Why don’t you go away?'”

chris tarrant on kerry katona
Chris says Kerry was ‘a monster’ (Credit: SplashNews)

Why have Chris Tarrant and Kerry Katona fallen out?

Whereas Kerry has said in her New magazine column that she politely introduced herself to him – only for him to hurl a series of insults at her.

She wrote: “I went up to him to say hello and he told me – to my face – he didn’t like me, that I was ‘gobby, loud, rude and brassy.’ What? I was so disappointed.”

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And she has now hit back on Instagram, saying not only is she hurt by Chris’ claims, but she actually cried after their initial meeting.

Addressing her some 666,000 Instagram followers, she said she never upset anyone at the event.

And that she is incredibly offended to now be called a ‘monster’ by the famous television personality.

kerry katona
Kerry, here with two of her daughters, says was always a big fan of Chris’ (Credit: SplashNews)

What else has Kerry said about Chris?

Kerry penned: “Wow! Honestly I was soooo excited about meeting Mr Chris Tarrant! I remember going up to him at a Golfing event in Marbella, and he said “why are you so gobby and common” Amongst other things! honestly on my children’s lives he was really unpleasant so much so I went to the bathroom and cried!

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“As for calling me a Monster, well!!! I know I’m loud, I know I’m not the most well spoken person, I know I’m not as well educated as Mr Tarrant! But to call me a monster!!! And I know I DID NOT upset anyone!

kerry katona
Kerry’s fans are rallying around her (Credit: SplashNews)

“I had a lovely time that evening! Please bear in mind that this was 10 years ago! So I’m not too sure why he’s doing an interview about it now! Anyway… want to send you some love and cheer at this time of year Chris!!! Love your little monster.”

Luckily, dozens of Kerry’s fans rushed to share their support.

One user wrote: “He’s obviously desperate for a bit of money if doing it this long after.”

While another user urged: “Ignore him Kerry. I was so excited when I met you and you were so lovely! He has no right to be so rude. Clearly he has never been to Warrington as we all have your accent here! Never ever change xxx.”

And a third user declared: “He’s bored and irrelevant. Who cares what Chris Tarrant says. Chin up Kerry.”

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