Kerry Katona dismisses ex’s “abusive” and “alcoholic” claims as nonsensical

The former couple's drama is yet to end

Kerry Katona’s ex George Kay has made some damning claims that she was abusive towards him, which she has now rubbished.

Kerry revealed in the past that George was possessive and controlling, but the tables have turned as George shockingly alleged in an interview that Kerry is an alcoholic and has been abusive on a number of occasions.

George exclusively told the Daily Star that Kerry once hit him over the head with a glass tumbler which left him with a black eye and a lump.

The former rugby league player claimed he was keen to set the record straight after lots of speculation that he was controlling and caused the breakdown of the marriage.

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He told the Daily Star Sunday: “I’m not trying to throw stones, but I’ve been painted as the pantomime villain for a long time and enough is enough.

“I’m not having Kerry saying things about me that aren’t true and that, more importantly, my daughter could read in the future.”

The couple had a daughter and George was stepfather to Kerry’s other four children (Credit: Instagram)

He also claimed that he had to call the police on her once, and that her alcohol consumption made her hard to deal with. He said: “Kerry’s drinking is out of control – she is an alcoholic and needs to get help.

“Being around her when she’s drinking to excess is awful – she is an absolute nightmare.

“She flips her lid about anything. She’ll scream and shout, then she gets very aggressive. I’ve had to report her to the police in the past. People think of her as this bubbly, lovable lass. But the reality is very different.”

George went on to claim that he was physically attacked by his then wife countless times. He said: “It’s not like I kept count, and I’m a big bloke so it didn’t exactly distress me, but if I’m honest she’s attacked me dozens of times.

Credit: Instagram @kerrykatona7
Kerry’s latest social media snap shows her looking happy as a newly single mum (Credit: Instagram @kerrykatona7)

“Most of the time it’s been throwing things at me, and hitting and scratching me.

“The only time I’ve laid a finger on her is to restrain her when she’s come at me.”

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Kerry’s spokesperson completely denies these allegations George has made against her. The spokesperson told The Sun: “Kerry utterly refutes this nonsensical story, which is the complete opposite of the true situation.

“The Star on Sunday conveniently ignores the fact that charges of serious assault on Kerry were only dropped when she declined to give evidence for the sake of her children.”

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