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Kerry Katona COVID: Can you catch coronavirus twice? Why has Kerry tested positive again?

She's 'sick of feeling sick'

Kerry Katona has revealed she has tested positive for COVID again.

The star revealed her test results on Instagram, where she ranted that she wanted a “divorce” from the killer virus.

Kerry did manage to find some humour in the situation, though.

She quipped: “I want a divorce!!!! Wait what sorry wrong drama, just so used to saying that over the years.”

kerry katona on the red carpet
Kerry Katona has unleashed a rant after testing positive for COVID again (Credit: Splash News)

Who was Kerry Katona married to?

Kerry has married – and divorced – Brian McFadden, Mark Croft and George Kay over the years.

She is now engaged to personal trainer Ryan Mahoney.

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And, while Kerry has revealed a new positive COVID test, she confirmed that her hunky beau is now negative.

Kerry said: “F**k off COVID!! I’m sick of being sick and I’m sick of you f**king with my mental health. I’m sick of being so bloody tired all time!”

She added: “I’m sick of this cough and this mass feeling in my chest! I’m just sick of you!!!!”

Why do you keep having tests? It can stay in your system for weeks but doesn’t mean the virus is active. It’s a waste to keep getting tests.

She added: “Ryan’s test is negative! Just me!!! Bloody great!!!”

The star also shared a selfie and continued her rant.

“Not only am I sick of being sick, I’m sick of the lack of motivation I have and it’s bloody making feel extremely depressed!

“My get up has definitely got up and gone… probably gone to Dubai with the rest of the other f**kers!” she said, slamming stars who have escaped lockdown for sunnier shores.

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Can you get COVID twice in quick succession?

Kerry’s followers had a mixed reaction to her test results, with one appearing to slam the star for wasting NHS resources.

“Why do you keep having tests? It can stay in your system for weeks but doesn’t mean that the virus is active as such. It’s a waste to keep getting tests,” said one.

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Another added: “The lady from NHS told me you can continue to say positive for 90 days after contracting the virus.”

Indeed, while many people recover in two weeks, one in 10 may still have symptoms after three weeks – which would fit Kerry’s timeline.

As we’ve seen from other reports, some continue to suffer from coronavirus symptoms for months.

When did Kerry Katona test positive for COVID?

Kerry initially revealed she had coronavirus on December 18 last year.

Yesterday (January 9), she revealed that she still had the virus.

Reports suggest that it is possible to catch the virus twice, but extremely rare.

Matt Hancock has said it appears there have been “credible cases” of reinfection.

A Department of Health spokesperson commented: “We have been clear we are still learning about immunity to COVID-19 and there are a range of possible reasons someone could test positive twice.”

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