Kelvin Fletcher shares adorable new picture of his baby girl

Marnie Molly was born in September

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You know how you eventually get over your favourite soap character, only for them to pop up and remind you what you’ve lost all over again?

We’d just got used to Emmerdale missing Andy Sugden – and then Kelvin Fletcher flashed up on our Instagram.

He’s forgiven though, as he shared an adorable picture of him being a doting daddy to his scrumptious baby daughter, who he cutely describes as his “little mate”.

Wife Liz – Elizabeth Marsden – gave birth to Marnie Molly Fletcher – that name!! – in September of last year. Just look at those cheeks!

Meanwhile, Kelvin is back in the news for another reason – he reportedly spent £55K on his lavish wedding to long-term girlfriend Liz, while facing a £188,000 bill from the taxman.

Kelvin was reportedly issued with an insolvency order which bans him from running companies for six years.

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Reports claim he met with liquidators in 2015 over money owed by his company Kedbray Ltd, but he disputes the £188,000 sum.

“Mr Fletcher has advised he will be unable to settle the balance on the overdrawn Director’s Loan Account in the near future and that his income fluctuates,” an insolvency hearing was told.

Kelvin had the wedding of his dreams when he married Liz in 2015. They had known each other as children, before becoming a couple around 12 years ago.

“I knew I wanted to marry Liz the day I met her,” Kelvin told HELLO!.”Deep down I knew she was the one.”

They tied the knot at the exclusive One Mayfair venue in London.

“We’re here in a big posh venue but I’m just a working class boy,” he said. “And it’s the simple things that matter to me – like genuine love and support.”

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Their ceremony was held on 28 November 2015, a year to the day that he proposed.

“The image of Liz coming towards me up the aisle will stay with me forever,” he said.

“She took my breath away. She looked so beautiful.”

Kevin quit Emmerdale last year after an “incredible” 20 years.

It was a tough decision to leave the show he joined as a child actor – and he reveals it took him 18 months to decide.

He says the show helped give him the confidence to try something new.

“It’s a really challenging place to work that I feel like I am ready now,” he said. “I’ve always had aspirations, like other actors, to do other things and work in other genres.”

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