Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher in surprise career change

He probably won’t be returning to the Dales any time soon…

He hasn’t been on screen for a while, but Emmerdale viewers will always have a special place in their hearts for Andy Sugden.

Andy had been a character on the soap for an amazing 20 years when he left in August last year, making Kelvin Fletcher a much- loved star for playing him.

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Andy left after being framed for shooting Lawrence White, going on the run to avoid the police at the end of an epic storyline for the show.

But now, Kelvin has turned up once again, and his new role is a million miles away from Andy Sugden.

The actor has decided to have a crack at a major career change, switching from The Wool Pack to the race track by becoming a professional racing driver.

It’s quite a radical move, but Kelvin says that it’s something he’s loved dearly since childhood.

“I was a motorsport fan growing up,” he told The Mirror. “Cars, bikes, F1. At the ripe old age of 28 I decided to give it a go.”

“Me and my dad bought a classic Mini and went club racing. I ended up winning the championship.”

“I’ve signed professional contracts. It’s certainly snowballed and it’s a dream come true. I was lucky because sponsors were willing to back me because of my profile.”

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Kelvin started off competing in the British Touring Cars league last year, then moved to the British GT competition this year, driving a specially adapted £200,000 Nissan GT4.

It sounds like dangerous work, but Kelvin insists that it’s safer than his old trip into the Emmerdale set!

“I feel safer racing around a circuit than I did on what was my daily commute to Emmerdale on the M62,” he says.

Because Andy wasn’t killed off in Emmerdale, there’s always a chance he could return, but Kelvin says he can’t se it happening any time soon.

“Emmerdale is and always will be in my DNA,” he said.

“But whether I’m going back… Let’s just say the people who are convinced I am have a crystal ball that I don’t!”

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