Kelvin Fletcher has Instagram followers in stitches as he gets the grumps in noisy restaurant

There's a time and place - and breakfast isn't the one

Kelvin Fletcher’s a man of the people – and here is the proof.

The former Emmerdale star was all of us – apart from the irrepressibly cheerful among us – as he sat down for breakfast the other day.

He was at Ellen’s Stardust Diner with his gorgeous missus. So far, so delightful.

Kelvin with (Credit: Instagram)

But, if you listen to his Instagram post, you will hear that SOMEONE IS SINGING.

It’s a thing in this eaterie, in fact. The waiting staff not so much whistle while they work but bust out a show tune or two.

Liz and Kelvin have been married for 18 months (Credit: Instagram)

Now, at 7pm in the evening, with a cocktail and a gaggle of mates, that sounds hella fun.

But in the morning? When you are the father of a young child? Not so much!

If you know, you know #ellensstardustdiner

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As his beautiful wife happily bops her head to the strains of, “Go Johnny, go, go, go!”

Kelvin can then be seen mugging to the camera as he says: “9 o’clock in the morning, it’s too early for this [expletive].”

Clearly used to his little old man grumps, Liz giggles good-naturedly.

Liz is loving the atmosphere (Credit: Instagram)

LOVE these two!

His fans KNEW exactly what he was talking about.

Sarah, in New York, said: “Love it there, such good fun. But only for tea time, couldn’t handle it for breakfast. Enjoy!!

Lee and Tracy, meanwhile, replied: “Hahaha we were there a few weeks ago. Shocking absolutely shocking. Never again.”

Becci added: “This sends me under so bad it’s too early whatever time you go ”

It appears that Kelvin and Liz were not breakfasting with their baby daughter, Marnie Molly.

The thespian couple – who married in November 2015 – welcomed her in September last year.

Kelvin might want to work on that tolerance to noise in the mornings, if he wants to see through his plans for a big family.

Adorable Marnie (Credit: Instagram)

He has revealed: “I’ve always wanted to have children and become a father, without question.

“I want five children! I do want a huge family, but ultimately, whatever will be, will be.”

Ear-plugs in his stocking next Christmas, perhaps, Liz!