Kelly Osbourne and dad Ozzy’s ex-mistress Michelle Pugh settle lawsuit

LA hairstylist sued the TV presenter for tweeting her private number to millions

Ozzy Osbourne’s former mistress has settled a lawsuit she filed against his daughter Kelly after the TV presenter tweeted the hairdresser’s telephone number.

In May, after her dad’s affair with Michelle Pugh was revealed, the 31-year-old took her revenge by tweeting: “Anyone looking for cheap chunky LOW-lights a blowout and a blowj**, call…”

She then added the hairstylist’s private phone number. Kelly also refused to delete the tweet for nearly a month even after Michelle’s lawyer sent her a cease and desist letter.

The celebrity hairstylist later sued Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s daughter for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and public disclosure of private facts.

According to court documents Michelle claimed she had been “slut-shamed, bullied, and harassed for allegedly breaking up a marriage” and was held up to “ridicule, hate and shame.”

The suit added: “No less than 4.07 million persons were given the opportunity to communicate this hate and harassment to Plaintiff directly.”

But on Friday Michelle’s lawyer told People that the two women had settled the suit privately.

F Edie Mermelstein told the magazine: “The tweets have been removed and the lawsuit has been privately resolved.”

Although Kelly has yet to comment on the latest developments she had plenty to say back in May when news broke that her rocker dad had been cheating on her mom with the blonde.

After she was bashed on Twitter for disclosing Michelle’s number, the TV personality fired off a series of tweets defending her actions.

She told one user: “My father is almost 70 ever heard of elder abuse?”

To another she wrote: “Are you in my family? NO YOU ARE NOT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE DID! So keep ur high-mighty opinions to yourself!”

Ozzy and Sharon briefly split after The Talk presenter – his wife of 34 years – found out about the affair and kicked the Black Sabbath rocker out of their Los Angeles home.

The singer went into therapy and his rep later apologized publicly to Michelle on his behalf telling People: “He is sorry if Ms. Pugh took their sexual relationship out of context.”

But Michelle – who alleged their affair lasted four years – told the magazine in August: “When I say he gave me the greatest love of my life, I mean it.

“He made me feel like the most beautiful and worshipped woman in the world.”