Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan given cheeky gift to boost love life

Mark seemed pretty chuffed with the present!

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Keith Lemon has a very special present for Mark Wright and his wife Michelle Keegan on tonight’s Celebrity Juice.

Extra presenter Mark is a guest on Thursday’s show and is left speechless when Keith presents him with an adult toy, that he can, er, use when he FaceTimes Michelle when they’re apart.

It’s Keith’s suggestion for how Mark and Michelle can keep things spiced up even when they’re on opposite sides of the world.

Without going into too much detail, the gift is a sex toy attached to the bottom of an iPad and, well, let your imagination do the rest…

Keith gave Mark and Michelle a modified sex toy… (Credit: ITV)

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Keith asks Mark: “So how is it with lovely Michelle Keegan? She’s gone over [to America] hasn’t she?”

Former TOWIE star Mark replies: “We’re back and forward all the time yeah.”

Keith continues: “But when she’s working you FaceTime a lot don’t you, that’s what I’ve heard her say, ‘oh we FaceTime.'”

As Mark confirms they do FaceTime, Keith brings out the cheeky gift leaving Mark burying his face in embarrassment.

Keith says: “Because we’re pals, what I’ve done is got you a gift because I’ve not seen you for a while, it’s for you and Michelle, actually.”

Mark buries his face as Keith brings out the gift (Credit: ITV)

Demonstrating how Mark can use the gift, Keith explains: “So when you FaceTime I mean you can just feel a bit closer. Here it is… so you hold [the iPad] like this yeah, and you FaceTime, but what’s great about it is, it has a [sex toy attached].

“Let’s just pretend, that’s Michelle there [on the screen]…. ‘Hiya, shall we have some FaceTime sex?'”

“Then you just kind of [use the toy as well]. You’ve got different settings.”

“I need that, ASAP,” Mark jokes. “I want it. I actually want it.”

We’re sure Michelle is going to love that…

Mark said their long-distance relationship keeps their marriage “fresh” (Credit: Wenn)

Mark has been living the LA dream for the past year as a presenter on American entertainment show Extra, while actress Michelle’s been jetting around the world filming.

Earlier this month, Mark opened up about how they cope with having a long-distance relationship.

During an appearance on Lorraine, the star said he tries to see Michelle every three weeks and the long-distance actually keeps their relationship “fresh.”

Meanwhile on tonight’s Celebrity Juice, Mark will be joined by pop legend Lisa Stansfield, Love Island’s Caroline Flack and Iain Stirling and comedian Joel Dommett.

Also in the episode, Mark and Joel and Holly and Fearne will go head-to-head in an assault course called “Totally Bananas.”

Mark and Joel attempting the “Totally Bananas” assault course (Credit: ITV)

In pairs, the panellists have a peeled banana in their mouths and they have to go around the assault course without the banana breaking.

*Celebrity Juice airs Thursday at 10pm on ITV2.

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