Katie Price’s new mission to upstage Pete causing fights at home

The former glamour model seems to want Kieran to be more like Pete

Katie Price and her clan are now well into filming their new 12-part fly-on-the-wall series, My Crazy Life.

The show is set to give fans a fresh insight into the star’s busy and hectic life.

But apparently Pricey and hubby Kieran Hayler have had “blazing rows” about Kieran’s “discomfort over appearing on camera”.

And. worse still, it’s alleged she is making unfair comparisons with her ex, Peter Andre, who always came across well on camera for their reality shows.

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A source, who is apparently close to Katie, has told Reveal magazine: “Katie gets really frustrated.

“She expects Kieran to be able to deliver the goods in front of the camera like Pete.”

They added: “She’s is expecting him to be as comfortable and dynamic in front of the cameras as Pete is.”

The insider went on to reveal that in one argument between the couple Pricey said “even Pete understood that you have to turn it on for the cameras”.

And it looks like being constantly compared to her Aussie heartthrob Pete is taking a toll on Kieran, 30.

The source revealed: “He gets really wound up when Katie keeps prompting him to be more affectionate.

“Katie thinks he needs to pull himself together.”

As the Loose Women panellist announced her excitement for her reality show, which will give us a look into life with her hubby and her five children, it was hinted that Pete could be bringing out his own show as well.

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Writing in his weekly New magazine column, the Mysterious Girl singer said: “A lot of people have been asking me about bringing my reality show back. You never know!”

But would these mean the two would go head-to-head in a reality show battle?

The insider continued to tell Reveal: “Katie’s determined to upstage Pete.

“She’s in real competition mode about having a better show than him.”

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