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Katie Price’s ex-husband has his say on her latest divorce

He has a strong opinion

Poor Katie, she’s going through a tough time of it lately after finding out her husband Kieran has been cheating on her with the kids’ nanny.

The nanny has denied the claims, Kieran has said he still loves Katie, but now someone else from Katie’s life has come out of the woodwork to have their say.

Katie’s ex-husband, cage fighter Alex Reid, has a strong opinion on her latest split from her third hubby. Alex has a theory that it’s all a publicity stunt, to coincide with her upcoming tour and says “It’s convenient timing”.

Alex and Katie split in 2011 and divorced over a year later (Credit: WENN)

The cage fighter, who split from Katie in 2011, told the Mirror: “It’s extremely convenient timing, one million per cent. There’s no coincidence here. This whole situation is a great money making opportunity.”

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But he doesn’t stop there, he even goes onto say he “feels sorry” for Kieran and that he doesn’t believe Katie’s claims one bit.

Alex said: “Having been in a similar situation, and understanding how difficult it must be for Kieran I feel sorry for him.

“He’s clearly signed an NDA and anything he does say is being controlled by her.

Kieran is Katie’s third husband (Credit: Instagram)

“I also feel sorry for the nanny accused. There’s no factual evidence to prove what’s happened. In fact, the nanny denied everything, also claiming that Katie owes her money.”

He added: “Knowing Katie, it all seems very convenient. I smell a rat. She should take a lie detector test.” Now that would be an interesting episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

After Katie announced that she would be divorcing Kieran, a video emerged of the couple watching a boxing match together which Alex said is a bit suspicious. He continued: “If she’s that furious with Kieran, why is she sitting watching the boxing with him?

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“If he’s done this and she’s that angry with him, she wouldn’t be snuggled up cosy with him.”

But Katie said despite the video, the divorce is going ahead and she looked quite distraught on yesterday’s Loose Women as she detailed exactly what has happened between her and Kieran.

Katie couldn’t hide her distress on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

She opened up to her fellow panellists Andrea McLean, Coleen Nolan and Nadia Sawalha and said: “It is what it is. It’s what you’ve read. Years ago I caught Kieran cheating with two of my best friends, I paid for therapy to get him help, as far as I knew our life was perfect.”

She seemed to blame Kieran’s ‘sex addiction’ for his cheating ways as she explained: “It’s not normal behaviour what he’s doing. Especially when you’re in a happy marriage.

“I’m shocked. Kieran is absolutely devastated and I’m like ‘well you’ve done this to me’. He does have an addiction, he does.”

She went on to say: “I know he’s upset and sorry, but he still did it. He still hurt me again. I tried my hardest the first time. How many times do you forgive someone?”

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