Katie Price’s ex claims she spent the night with Simon Cowell!

He says that it was the beginning of the end for their engagement

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There are many that hope that Simon Cowell declares that they have the ‘X Factor’ but it seems that Katie Price may have been bestowed with that accolade.

There are claims from a Pricey ex that she had a secret liaison with the music mogul.

Leandro Penna has also said that it was the late night meet up that helped cause his engagement to Katie to be called off.

He apparently confronted the former glamour model after he discovered text messages that had been exchanged between her and Simon.

Leandro alleges that the 38-year-old Loose Women panellist visited Cowell in the night and didn’t return until the morning.

He confronted Katie about what happened but she denied having sex with Simon.

Leandro doesn’t believe her and has labelled Picey a “liar”.

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The Argentinian, 31, has spoken out to the Sun about it after Katie had apparently returned home from a meeting with Simon in 2012, a little worse for wear from alcohol.

He apparently confronted Pricey: “I asked her if she’d f***** Simon and she said, ‘No, of course not’.

“She was angry, she asked me where I got that from.

“In the end, I told her: ‘I’d read the texts, you lie’.

“We barely spoke for the next few weeks.”

Leandro is now a TV presenter in Chile and claims, “It’s the reason I split up with her.”

He has shared the texts he found with the newspaper and says one text from Cowell read: “I loved seeing you and can’t wait to see you again.”

In another text, Leandro claimed it read: “I have to make sure no one is following you.”

He also admitted: “I was really suspicious of her and every so often she would change the password but on this occasion she didn’t have time.

“It was clear this was not just a business meeting.”

Leandro was also very disaparaging about how Katie looked for the meeting.

He said: “She was dolled up — she was dressed more like a provocative hooker than elegant or business-like.

“She spent hours doing her hair up. It was weird.”

When Katie returned home, Leandro claims that the pair began fighting straight away.

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He said: “Katie turned up at 8am drunk and we started fighting.

“I was in our bedroom and she went into the spare room.

“She was in a really bad way, she was totally wasted.

“I said, ‘Come here, I want to smell you,’ and it all kicked off.

“She looked a mess, I was very angry.

“I got hold of her phone — she didn’t know I had her password.”

After Leandro threatened to leave Pricey, she apparently backed down a little but he says that was the beginning of the end for their relationship and still holds Cowell partly responsible for the split.

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