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Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods says they’re ‘taking steps’ to try for a baby

Carl Woods says he and Katie are taking the next step

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Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods says he is ‘taking steps’ to have a baby with the star.

The former Love Island star, 31, strongly implied he’s ready to have a baby with Katie, 42.

The couple, who are believed to have begun dating during lockdown, debuted on their joint YouTube channel.

Here they showcased their latest shopping buys, many of which were very telling.

Katie Price's boyfriend Carl Woods
Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods says he thinks an ovulation kit is ‘cute’ (Credit: YouTube)

They showed off an ovulation kit, pregnancy test, as well as a candle called ‘Wedding Day’.

As Katie held up her ovulation kit, Carl said: “Glad that you got it. It’s actually kind of cute that you got it.”

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He then said: “If we’re going to make a baby then we need the ovulation kit. I’m 31 – I’m getting older. You’re 42 – you’re even older.

“So we need to know, don’t we? I don’t want to be an old dad. Do you want to be an old mum?”

Katie later said she had brought the kit because of ‘discussions’ they’d had off camera.

Katie Price's boyfriend Carl Woods
Katie Price says she is moving in with her boyfriend of three months (Credit: YouTube)

She said: “For the same reason you said, because of our discussions we’ve had.”

Carl replied: “Our discussions about having kids. This is important because if you’re coming to move in, we’re taking steps.”

Later she held up her new ‘Wedding Day’ Yankee Candle up to the camera.

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Carl laughed and asked: “If it was a leap year, would you have asked me to marry you already?”

Katie confirmed: “Yes, without a doubt. Because I know you’re the right one.”

Carl Woods
Carl showed off his Jordan fan memorabilia (Credit: YouTube)

If Katie and Carl were to marry, this would be Katie’s fourth marriage.

She has been previously married to Peter Andre, Alex Reid and Kieran Hayler.

The pair are believed to have been dating for just over three months.

They went on to explain that Katie has moved in with Carl – sort of.

She said she will keep her rented home in Surrey for when she can spend time with all five of her children together.

Carl said he fantasised about Katie as a teen and that he is now ‘over the [bleep] moon’ to be dating the real deal.

He also said: “I don’t want to date Jordan, I just like to look at her.

“It feels like I’m 15 again, had them all [the calendars], just different versions. Now I feel like I’ve gone back again and I’ve again got Jordan on my wall.”

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