Tom Zanetti reportedly told pals he has a ‘close relationship’ with Katie Price after flirty texts discovered

Friends say he 'boasted' about how close they were

DJ Tom Zanetti, who Katie Price was sending flirty messages to, has reportedly been telling his friend he has a ‘close relationship’ with the model.

Katie’s husband Kieran found the text messages between her and Tom, where she confessed to wanting his children. On Katie’s new show Katie Price: My Crazy Life, he said: “She sent loads of text messages last year to Tom Zanetti describing how much she loved him.

“How much she wanted to change her name to his name when they got married and had kids. She hasn’t even changed her name to my name being married to me!”

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Although Tom’s friends told The Sun earlier this month: “The TV show was just a meeting point to discuss music.

“We are not working with her musically on anything else now or in future. He was just a feature on an episode or two. Her new track is nothing to do with us.”

It’s now been revealed that Tom in fact still has a fondness for Katie as friends recently alleged that he was ‘boasting’ about his relationship with the Loose Women panellist.

Tom’s friends met up with him in Doncaster and told The Sun Online about their conversation. They said: “Tom was with friends and wouldn’t stop going on about his close relationship with Katie.

“He was boasting about it and telling everyone who wanted to listen about how close they were. No one seemed that interested in what he was saying but he kept going on about it.

“Apparently they are very close.”

And on that episode of Katie Price: My Crazy Life, Kieran even revealed that Katie had saved Tom’s number under a fake name to hide what she was doing.

He said: “I caught her out three times. The third time her phone was in the front of the car and on the front of the screen I saw a message from Rebecca Botox Manchester but the picture was of Tom Zanetti.

“She’d changed his name to a woman’s name so I didn’t notice.” But what is Katie’s reaction to all this? Well in typical Pricey fashion she ‘didn’t feel bad’.

On her show she said: “Do I feel bad? No, I don’t really. At the end of the day I didn’t do anything with him unlike Kieran who cheated on me. It was just flirty texts.”

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She also said: “I might have upset him but he’s still getting the car of his dreams. And he’s having an amazing party.

“If he’s still got the hump after that it’ll be jog on dot com.”

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