Katie Price wants to “buy” a baby online!

Well, it's less painful than pushing one out of your body, right?

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Katie Price only has to utter a word or two and it makes a headline.

It’s almost like she does it on purpose!

And this week is no different and our Katie has managed to hilariously rub people up the wrong way by revealing she’d like to buy a baby!


The glamour gal says she’d rather do a spot of online shopping for a new kid instead of having to endure the painful process of having to carry another one herself.

Can’t say we blame her as giving birth isn’t exactly a party!

Speaking in an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine over the weekend, the Brighton-born mum of millions – well five, to be precise: Harvey, Bunny, Princess, Jett and Junior – says she wants to become a mother for the sixth time, but doesn’t want to deal with the pain that that comes with it.

“I love babies and I was thinking, how can I get one quick?” she said.

“I know it’s hard to adopt, so I thought, can’t I just buy one abroad? Do you know where you go?”

When interviewer Lynn Barber suggested she should instead consider rescuing children from orphanages, Katie replied, “But that takes ages, doesn’t it?”.

Er, yeah, fair enough.

Last week, Katie opened up about being a devoted mum and revealed that her eldest daughter, Princess has ordered her to stop posing topless.

She also said that her nine year old daughter had no intentions of following in her mum’s footsteps, which will no doubt come as welcome to relieve to her dad Peter Andre.

“Princess isn’t interested in becoming [a glamour model], she’s like: ‘Mum! Put your t*ts away!’,” Katie told the 400-string crowd during a School Of Life Q&A with philosopher Alain De Botton.

“She loves being on TV but as for glamour modelling she wouldn’t want to do it – and her dad wouldn’t let her anyway.”

These comments come a year after Katie was attacked online by mums and moaners who were angry that she had let Princess apply lashings of make up and post pics online.

Katie hit back that it was little girls did and even Princess hot back at critics saying in a video post: “By the way, I do my make-up not my mum, I do. And anyway it’s none of your beeswax so oosh.” Feisty!