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Katie Price ‘Track A Troll’ petition divides Brits as it passes 140k signatures

Her proposals will be considered for debate in parliament

Katie Price and her petition have sparked a huge debate on social media, with some branding the star’s drive to change how we use social media ‘dangerous’.

Last week, the former glamour model, 42, announced a petition calling for people opening social media accounts to have to provide ID.

Minors would have to provide ID from a parent or guardian.

Katie’s argument is that doing so would put an end to trolling.

Katie Price (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Katie Price petition passes 140k signatures

As of Monday (March 15) morning, the star’s Track A Troll petition had drawn over 140k signatures, meaning it will be considered for a debate in parliament.

However, it’s sparked a debate on Twitter, where some people are worried Katie’s proposals could be dangerous, particularly for young LGBTQ+ people. Others fear it could make hacking easier.

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One critic said: “Well this is some dangerous bull[bleep] Katie Price is trying to do. Basically trying to get a new law passed that will require showing your personal ID to start a social media account in the UK. [Bleeping] hell fire.”

Harvey Price,Katie Price (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Fears it could endanger people

Another tweeted: “If you are from the UK or not, please don’t ignore this hashtag #SaveAnynomity. Katie Price made a petition so minors would have to use parents’ IDs to verify their accounts. This will put so many people’s lives in danger as it will make hacking [easier].”

A third wrote: “Don’t [bleeping] do this Katie Price, please, you are endangering LGBTQ+ people with abusive parents, please don’t [bleeping] do this to children, LET us speak.”

This will put so many people’s lives in danger.

A fourth said: “Didn’t expect Katie Price to be leading the charge to end online anonymity, but I have to say this is a terribly misguided idea and would have far-reaching consequences beyond trying to hold people accountable for online abuse.”

A fifth tweeted: “Kinda freaking out about that whole Katie Price petition thing. Because my parents don’t know I’m bi. And even though I think they’d be fine with it, there’s always that chance they aren’t and it’s been killing me for years.”

Trolls strengthen Katie’s case

Others pointed out that the abuse Katie was receiving over her petition was exactly why it had garnered so much support.

One said: “Guys I know this might sound a little nuts but if you want Katie Price to stop pushing for ID on social media maybe stop sending abusive tweets at her.”

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Another wrote: “I can see the pros and the cons of the petition. But the anon people threatening and verbally abusing Katie Price and anyone who agrees with the petition is exactly why people are signing it.”

Katie’s reps told ED: “As with any political topic, it will bring debate. Katie’s focus is to help, to make change for the good. All issues raised will be considered in the proceeding of this petition being passed.”

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