Katie Price told fans not to buy her new single today as she debuted it on Loose Women

Performance was widely panned

Katie Price has relaunched her pop career and said this time it “won’t be a flop”.

The star – whose appearance on the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 was widely panned – performed her new single I Got U live on Loose Women, where she is usually a panellist.

To some good-natured ribbing from the panel, Price said she did not want her Eurovision entry mentioned again, admitting: “I couldn’t sing it then and I couldn’t sing it now.”

She said although “no-one is interested” in her attempt at chart glory and even her manager questioned why she was “wasting” her time and is not backing her,

“The manager – he didn’t even book any of this. He didn’t believe in it. He said you’re wasting your time,” she admitted.

“It won’t be a flop. I’m confident.”

Her latest track was written for her by former X Factor contestant Craig Colton and, Pricey reckons, suits her voice.

“That’s why I’m doing it live because I can actually sing it,” said the 39-year-old.

Price said she was having another crack at a singing career because it was something she had always wanted to do and insisted it was not to do with money.

She also urged people not to buy her record over the Grenfell Tower charity single.

The mum-of-five told viewers: “Even though you can buy my single today, don’t bother buying mine, buy the Grenfell one because that’s more the thing to do.”

Her performance met with mixed reviews on Twitter, with some people saying they were worried for their ears.

But a few viewers admitted they were pleasantly surprised.

“No matter what Katie Price does she’ll always get slated & honestly the singing wasn’t that bad,” one person tweeted.