Katie Price tells This Morning viewers the truth about the future of her marriage

There have been so many conflicting rumours about her and Kieran Hayler

Katie Price vowed her marriage to Kieran Hayler was OVER when she caught him cheating on her for a second time in August.

But appearing on This Morning on Friday, Katie confirmed divorce papers haven’t been filed – and may not ever be at all.

Asked to clarify the situation with Kieran, she said: “At the moment, he hasn’t left the house. And I don’t think people are happy until they see a lorry going down the driveway.

Katie has not filed for divorce (Credit: ITV)

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“There are kids involved. He has mental issues. He’s seeing a therapist, doing group sessions. Things will happen when they happen.

“I’ve said, ‘Our marriage is on the rocks and you need to sort yourself out’.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford immediately picked up on the “our marriage is on the rocks” phrase – and pointed out Katie hadn’t said her marriage is over.

She told Ruth and Eamonn she’s too busy to think about Kieran right now (Credit: ITV)

Katie played coy on the answer, saying she had too much else to think about right now – such as her mum’s terminal illness and threats made against her disabled son Harvey.

“I’m not dismissing anything about Kieran, but I have so much in my head to deal with at the moment,” she said.

“I can’t concentrate on one thing.”

Credit: FameFlynet
Kieran has cheated on Katie twice (Credit: FameFlynet)

Eamonn later told Katie it sounds to him like the “door is not totally closed” on reuniting with Kieran.

She replied: “He’s been bad and I say to him, ‘At the end of the day, you’ve cheated on my twice’.

“When I caught him again, I didn’t react the same way I did the first time, crying and wanting to know everything. It’s sort of like I expected it to happen again.

“This time is so different. I said to him, ‘If you’re not happy, there’s the door'”

As for how she copes with seeing Kieran around the house when he cheated on her, she said: “I will say to him, ‘Oh you make me sick!’ and the kids will go, ‘Mum!’ I say it jokingly. I’m laid-back. He’s done it. You have to deal with it.”

Katie and Kieran are parents to son Jett, four, and daughter Bunny, three, while Katie is also mum to Harvey, 15, Junior, 12, and Princess, ten.

The couple have two young children Credit: FameFlynet

It’s certainly a U-Turn on Katie’s bold declaration in August that the marriage was over, after accusing him of sleeping with their kids’ nanny.

She told The Sun: “I am going to divorce him for adultery — but I want it to be amicable. I’ve had it the other way and it’s unhealthy.

“Sitting here now, I can’t see a future for us together.”

Kieran is still living in the marital home (Credit: Instagram @OfficialKatiePrice)

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Kieran – who previously cheated on Katie in 2014 with her best friend – later admitted the affair himself but, in a shock twist, the nanny came out to vehemently deny anything had happened.

“It’s all just a complete lie,” Nikki told MailOnline, adding, “It’s a little story that comes from her head.

“I’m going to clear my name. I’m not going to be just somebody else that she’s disposed of and thought, ‘do you know what, I’m going to use her.’

“It’s not going to happen. She’s vile.”

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