Katie Price tells another man she wants to marry HIM and have his babies…

Husband Kieran's reaction is something else

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Katie Price has admitted to sending sexy text messages to DJ Tom Zanetti behind her husband’s back.

In their new TV show called My Crazy Life, the couple talk about their issues and it is revealed she told DJ Tom Zanetti she wanted to marry him and have his children.

In the episode of the show, which airs on Monday, Kieran tells Katie exactly how he feels about her betrayal.

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He says: “What can I do? What do I believe? She doesn’t give a crap what I think. Katie has taken it on herself to completely disregard my feelings.

“How do you move forward from that? She’s broken every single bit of trust we had again.”

Katie is a panelist on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Katie Price defended herself by saying: “I might have upset him but he’s still getting the car of his dreams. And he’s having an amazing party.

“If he’s still got the hump after that it’ll be jog on dot com.”

Kieran told all about the flirty texts his wife has been sending Tom. He said: “She sent loads of text messages last year to Tom Zanetti describing how much she loved him.

“How much she wanted to change her name to his name when they got married and had kids.

“She hasn’t even changed her name to my name being married to me!”

DJ Tom Zanetti worked with Katie in the studio for her single (Credit: Instagram @tomzanettitz)

It was revealed that Katie saved her new flirting partner Tom’s phone number under a fake name, so as not to arouse suspicion from her partner.

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But unluckily for her Kieran noticed: “I caught her out three times. The third time her phone was in the front of the car and on the front of the screen I saw a message from Rebecca Botox Manchester but the picture was of Tom Zanetti.

“She’d changed his name to a woman’s name so I didn’t notice.”

DJ Tom Zanetti worked with Katie on her single I Got U, but she insists they were merely flirting and that nothing else happened.

Katie said on her show: “Do I feel bad? No, I don’t really. At the end of the day I didn’t do anything with him unlike Kieran who cheated on me. It was just flirty texts.”

Catch all the drama on Katie Price My Crazy Life which airs on Monday at 10pm on Quest Red.