Katie Price admits she still wants revenge on cheating hubby

She's not forgiven Kieran for playing away with her best friend

Katie Price has made some shocking statements on her husband’s cheating antics.

The 38-year-old made the controversial comments to The Sunday Times.

Katie said: “I have a sting. I will get my own back, even on Kieran.

“I always say to him, ‘You haven’t had your karma yet, but something will happen – you’ll see’.

“I want him to go through all that hurt I went through, seeing all those pictures and text messages in The Sun – I wish he could feel the pain that I had, because it’s indescribable.

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“He says he’s sorry he put me through all that, but I think, ‘Nah, you still haven’t felt it’.

“So I want him to suffer just a little bit.”

The glamour model’s world completely changed when she found out that Kieran has been cheating on her with her best mate Jane Poutney.

Katie has been very open in the details of Jane and Kieran’s romp and it was also revealed later that Kieran has met up with another close friend of hers in random lay-bys for sex sessions.

Last week it was reported that she shouted “my marriage is over and I’ve got no friends” while partying with Olivia Buckland at her Quiz clothing launch, but Pricey took to Twitter to clarify all the rumours.

She wrote: “Such a pricey shocker well sorry to shatter your illusions but you couldn’t be further from the truth! I love him and not splitting up #lies”

Then adding: “From the horses mouth me and kieran are 100% together not splitting up we are very happy and very much in love leave our relationship alone”

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Katie has also spoken out about her sex life during a talk with The School Of Life.

She opened up about the affairs, and admitted that she wouldn’t be with her hubby of three years now if he hasn’t got help.

When asked whether the therapy had changed him, she said: “Completely, from him wanting to f*** everything to me being like ‘do you want it?'”

Cor’, she doesn’t sugar-coat anything does she…

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