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Katie Price splits opinion with glamorous new photo of daughter Princess

Comes just days after ex glamour model was slammed for controversial washing machine photo

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Katie Price has been up to her usual divisive tricks again with yet another photo of her daughter Princess.

After being slammed for posting a pic last week of the ten-year-old squeezed into a washing machine, now the ex-glamour model has found herself on the receiving end of fresh criticism over a glamorous shot of the school girl taken on Sunday.

Proud mum Katie shared the new image of Princess, whose dad is Katie’s ex Peter Andre, showing off tumbling blonde curls with the caption: “Just look at her!”

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And that’s just what her followers did – but some didn’t like what they saw, blasting Katie for allowing her young daughter to wear what they believed to be make-up.

One wrote: “Beautiful… but she really does not need make-up at her age.”

Another said: “10 year’s old and more make-up than Debenhams L’Oréal counter (sic).”

A third added: “She’s a little girl and she looks so glammed up! She doesn’t need to be, oh my.”

And a fourth chimed in: “She doesn’t need you to put filters on her photos though. She’s only young. No need to ‘filter'”

Others accused mum of five Katie of putting too much emphasis on appearance.

One warned the star: “She’s beautiful but your going to make her obsessed with looks like you . Shame (sic).”

Another said: “Well done Katie, you are promoting your daughter to be concentrating on her looks rather than what’s inside. All it brings you is misery.”

However, dozens more of Katie’s fans defended the star and said they couldn’t see anything wrong with the picture of Princess.

One remarked: “She’s got natural curls, and natural long lashes, nothing ‘glammed up’ about it.”

Another said: “Beautiful – as for those on about make-up, I see lipgloss and possibly mascara, she is a child so has clear skin, not all makeup!”

That was echoed by a third fan who said: “Is it loads of make-up though? All I can see is mascara and a bit of lip gloss. She’s a naturally pretty girl, good skin, it’s not make-up.”

Loads more fans simply branded the little girl a future heartbreaker, with others joking she’d lived up to her royal name.


It’s not the first time Katie, 39, has found herself making headlines over whether or not Princess wears make-up.

Princess herself spoke out last year to defend her mum, recording an Instagram video in which she said: “By the way, I want to do my make-up, not my mum. I do. And anyway it’s none of your beeswax so ooosh.”

Katie found herself particularly in the firing line during Christmas 2015 after sharing pictures to social media showing Princess in full stage make-up backstage at the panto which Katie was starring in.

The photos sparked controversy with many people fearing it was too much too young.

Katie admitted on Loose Women that she was wrong to share the photo of Princess in heavy make-up (Credit: ITV)
Katie admitted on Loose Women that she was wrong to share the photo of Princess in heavy make-up (Credit: ITV)

It led Katie to admit on Loose Women that she had been wrong to share the images – though she maintained it was all just innocent fun.

“These pictures were taken during panto at Christmas, everyone else in the dressing room had make-up on and she wanted to put make-up on. She absolutely loves make-up and wanted to put it on. I’m not going to take it away from her, but I wouldn’t let her wear it out shopping,” said Katie

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“To me it’s innocent as it’s, ‘oh look, she is copying her mum’ but so many people had a go about paedophiles and that and I thought ‘oh my God you’re right, I didn’t think about it that way’ – and you’d think I’m smart enough to know that.

“She loves the posing but now when you say that, I can see it. You’re right, I can’t argue. I’m in the wrong.”

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