Katie Price spends the night in hospital with son

The mum-of-five had to stay overnight

Katie Price has spent the night in hospital so Harvey could undergo some blood tests.

The Loose Women star took to Instagram to share a video of herself and her on.

The clip firstly shows them on the train together.

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Katie asks: “Oh my god, it’s so freezing today, but where are we off to Harv?

“Hospital on the Gatwick Express,” Harvey replies excitedly.

“That’s right! We’re now on the train. I’m so tired – I can;t wait to get there just so I can relax,” she continues.

She then asks 14-year-old Harvey if he likes the Gatwick Express and going to the hospital.

“Are you going to be big and brave with the needles?”

Harvey loves the gatwick express ❤

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He replied sweetly: “Oh yes”.

The teenager, who suffers from blindness, autism, ADHD and a genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome, didn’t seem phased by being in the hospital.

Katie made sure she kept talking to him so he didn’t get scared: “Harvey, are you big and strong? Is that your arm where you had the injection? Good boy aren’t you? Love you.”

The comments on the video were flooded with praise, and everybody said how she is such an amazing mum to him.

“Ur an amazing mummy , go Harvey !” said one.

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Another commented: “He’s so lovely, you’re lucky to have such a sweet boy, and such a good mummy 😊”

“Bless him, he’s a testament to you Katie. Your a pleasure to watch xx”

“Katie do you even know what a beautiful person you are? You’re the best mum! Teaching your children to face whatever they have to, with good humour and courage,” said another fan of hers.

So sweet!

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