What WERE Katie Price and Scotty T doing during two-hour hotel rendezvous?

Who knew they were pals?

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Married mum-of-five Katie Price loves sharing her life on TV and social media, but has been pretty secretive about a clandestine meeting with CBB winner Scotty T.

The Sun on Sunday today published pics of the Loose Women panellist leaving the Geordie Shore star’s BMW before heading to her hotel suite in Gateshead.

Scotty T was showing Katie the local amenities

And the paper reports that guests at the hotel then saw the 28-year-old local lad follow the former glamour model up to her suite on Monday evening.

One ‘source’ told the tabloid of the meet-up: “We were in the lobby when Katie rushed through and jumped into a car waiting outside.

Katie was up north promoting her new book

“Scotty was in the front seat, and then he drove off. It seemed a bit strange as they aren’t generally known to be friends, and she did seem to recognise his car straight away and get in.

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“When they returned at about 7.40pm, she tried to dash through the lobby, her fur coat around her face, without being seen.

“Unfortunately for her, a fan asked for a selfie which drew attention to her.

Scotty was just being a chivalrous chauffeur

“She looked quite dishevelled and obviously knew it, so she refused, muttering in reply, ‘Not when I’m looking like this’. Then she vanished.

“Shortly afterwards Scotty came in and sauntered over to the hotel bar.

“He then pulled out his phone and could be heard asking what drink she wanted him to bring up to the room, before going to the lifts.

Scotty T has admitted he has the hots for KP in the past

“We didn’t see him again until about 8.50pm, when he moved fairly sharpish to his car. The whole episode was so cloak and dagger and Kieran was nowhere to be seen.”

Katie was up north as part of her book promotion for new autobiography Reborn.

Katie got a lift to a sunbed session

Another source – this time one ‘close’ to Scotty – informed the publication: “Scotty’s reputation for chasing women speaks for itself.

“He has had a massive crush on Katie for years, so he’ll be relishing the chance to spend time with her and get to know her better. Even if she isn’t interested, he’ll enjoy the view.”

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Meanwhile, Pricey has angrily slammed The Sun for trying to make a story out of nothing, posting two messages to Twitter, and claiming the younger man had simply taken her and a friend for a sunbed session.

Scotty T certainly hasn’t tried to hush up hanging out with the former model – indeed after their sunbed shenanigans last Monday evening, the reality TV fave revealed he was with Katie again on Tuesday in Manchester.

The pair were seen partying at the city’s Malmaison hotel.

Pricey has hit back at the story

Scotty posted a snap on Instagram of him at the venue, tagging Katie in the shot and adding the caption: “YESSAAR, BACK ON THE PINTS.”

Geez, 2016 and boys and girls still can’t just be friends without all the gossip, it seems!

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