Katie Price hair

Katie Price reveals ‘real’ hair as she undergoes 12-hour transformation

Katie's fans begged her to keep her shorter hair

Katie Price has revealed her ‘real’ hair as she underwent a transformation.

The mum-of-five documented her 12-hour makeover in her latest YouTube video shared on Wednesday.

In the footage, Katie is seen having her extensions removed and replaced with a fresh set.

Katie Price hair
Katie Price underwent a hair transformation (Credit: YouTube)

Katie Price shows off her ‘real’ hair to fans

The star revealed she was swapping her 24-inch extensions for 30-inch ones.

She said: “I want to go 30 inches like a blonde Pocahontas.

“Blonde eat your heart out. Stay tuned to watch this [points to her hair] go bald like my cat Hagrid.”

Later in the clip, Katie unveiled her hair without extensions.

Katie Price hair
Katie showed off her hair without extensions (Credit: YouTube)

Her hairdresser then dyed her shoulder-length hair brunette before the new blonde extensions were put in.

However, they had to continue the following morning.

Katie said: “I did go to bed and have a sleep. I’ve got a shoot to do soon.

“Still doing my hair, it takes a long time. It’s not finished yet but nearly there.”

Katie Price hair
The star had her extensions put back in (Credit: YouTube)

Katie’s fans were stunned by her ‘real’ hair with many saying she should keep it shoulder length.

One person commented: “I really think you look nicer without the hair extensions.”

Another wrote: “I much prefer your hair shoulder length.”

A third said: “Short shoulder length hair looks more classy.”

Katie Price hair
Katie showed off her new hair after hours (Credit: YouTube)

Another warned: “Soon her original hair will be bald from so much treatment and she won’t even be able to have extensions put it..

“Why not just love yourself with what you have. Her original hair is actually really nice.”

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