Katie Price reveals incredible amount of surgeries in just one year

This girl has had quite the year

You won’t believe how many boob jobs Pricey has had in the past year…


Talking on Katie Price’s Pony Club, she admitted that she’s been under the knife to operate on her ever changing boobs a lot more than usual over the last 12 months.


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“I’m having surgery because I want my boobs to look good for this polo event. I haven’t actually had them done that many times but this past year, eleven times,” she says.

Even though she’s pretty much a regular on the surgeon’s table in Brussels, she admits to still getting nervous.


“The day of the surgery I just get really nervous, they put so many needles in me that’s the only thing I hate. Then once it’s in you get that nice little cocktail.”

The mum-of-five still insists that she’s not addicted to surgery though.

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“I can tell you now that I am not addicted to surgery, I’ve only had my boobs, lips, nose and teeth. But then I have Botox and fillers. It’s not anything major is it?”

Even though she’s a huge fan of cosmetic procedures, her hubby Keiran Hayler isn’t at all.

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He said: “I always worry about her. I think she does it too much, and I try to persuade her not to have any surgery because I don’t think she needs it.

“She is perfect how she is, I can’t see any fault in her, I always tell her not to have it.”

Aw, what a sweetheart.