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Katie Price: Princess Andre stunned when she discovers mum’s ‘pregnancy test’

Is the former glamour model's sixth baby on the way?

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Katie Price’s daughter Princess Andre was shocked when she discovered a suspicious object belonging to her mum.

The daughter of Katie and her ex Peter Andre, 13, picked up what looked like a pregnancy test.

Appearing on the former glamour model‘s official YouTube account, she confronted her mum.

Princess said: “One thing, why is there an open pregnancy test? I brought it just to show you that it’s open.”

Rummaging through the box she, then said: “An open pregnancy test!”

katie price princess andre
Princess helped Katie undergo her ‘hair transformation’ (Credit: YouTube)

Princess Andre finds mum Katie Price’s ovulation kit

Before Katie could comment, her new boyfriend Carl Woods explained.

Carl, who has been dating Katie for four months, said it is actually not a pregnancy test.

In fact, it is an ovulation test kit, which Katie is apparently actively using.

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Carl explained: “What? Let’s have a look at that. That’s interesting, where did you you find that?

“These aren’t pregnancy tests. They’re ovulation kits.

princess andre katie price
Princess held up the ovulation kit (Credit: YouTube)

Katie’s explanation to Princess

“It means that you could have a brother or sister if it’s a smiley face.”

Mum-of-five Katie admitted they’ve already been using them.

She even told Princess: “That means you have to have sex when you see a smiley face.”

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Not all of her viewers were impressed with Princess’ discovery.

One viewer commented: “I don’t think princess needs to know about ovulation kits etc yet.”

katie price princess andre
Katie said she’s been using the ovulation kits (Credit: YouTube)

Loyal fans defend Katie Price

Another viewer vented: “Katie is disgusting talking about what days to have sex in front of Princess!”

However, other loyal fans ardently defended the former glamour model.

One fan penned: “People slating Katie saying she’s got loads of baby daddies.

“Wasn’t she married for four out of five kids? So it’s not like she’s got a baby dad for each kid! Even if she did have, it’s no one’s business. The children seem happy and that’s the main thing!”

katie price carl woods
Katie and Carl have been together for four months (Credit: YouTube)

Katie, 42, and Carl, 31 apparently have known one another for years, but only started dating during lockdown.

He briefly appeared on 2016’s Love Island and is reportedly a car dealer.

The pair have already hinted that they’d like to start a family together.

In a previous video, Carl said he wanted to ‘take steps’ towards becoming a dad.

He said: “If we’re going to make a baby then we need the ovulation kit. I’m 31 – I’m getting older. You’re 42 – you’re even older.

“So we need to know, don’t we? I don’t want to be an old dad. Do you want to be an old mum?”

Later, he added: “Our discussions about having kids. This is important because if you’e coming to move in, we’re taking steps.”

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