Katie Price offends fans with shocking picture!

The glamour girl posted a picture of a dead bird!

Oh Katie Price, you really should learn to think before you say or do stuff.

Over the weekend, the outrageous glamour girl posted a picture that left some of fans feeling a bit icky.

The headline-loving mum-of-five shared a picture of a poor bird wedged into the grill of her car wth the caption: “Nice!! Just send I must of hit a bird (sic).”

But fans were quick to criticise her decision to post the pic, with many thinking it was insensitive.

And it would seem that the outspoken star took their messages to heart, because just hours after posting the pic, she deleted it from her Instagram account.

Of course, the controversial tabloid star is no stranger to attracting attention, especially on social media.

Not only did she announce that her hubby Kieran had cheated on her with her then best mate Jane on Twitter (of all places), she was also criticised recently for allowing Princess and Junior to sign up to Instagram.

Judgemental arm-chair moaners argued that her kids were too young to be using Instagram, even though Katie was to fast to reassure everyone that she was keeping a very close eye on them.

In response to the vicious criticism, Katie hit back: “I’m not stupid. I would never, ever let them have a free reign on their own Instagram.”

“Why not [let them on it]? It’s the future. All their friends are on it. I do vet it.”

Amen Katie. Now, what can she do next to ruffle some feathers. We can’t wait to see!