Katie Price makes shock booze revelation!

Watch out folks, Jordan's back!

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Once upon a time Katie Price would often be seen rolling around a showbiz party, peed as a newt with her boobs hanging out.

But then, all of a sudden – after marrying Peter Andre and having a couple of more kids – she cleaned up her act and became a respectable mum of many!

But now, it would seem, notorious wild child party girl Jordan is back, after Katie admitted she often “binge drinks” on wild nights out, and likes to go out and “get drunk”.

The 38-year-old mum made the sensational comments during a conversation between the mum-of-five and her fellow Janet Street-Porter, Ruth Langsford and Coleen Nolan about their drinking habits.

During the chat, Janet revealed that she only really drinks a glass of wine when she’s eating, while Katie said she barely drinks alcohol unless she’s going out.

“I don’t drink at home unless I have a party,” she confessed.

“I can’t think of anything worse than going home and having a glass of wine.”

However, when her fellow panelists jokingly said to her “You just like to binge,” she replied,  “Yeah I like to BINGE. I go out and drink.

“If I’m going to go out, it’s all or nothing, I just go out and get drunk.”

However, while she likes to get tiddly on her nights out, long gone she says are the days when she’d flash boobs or her tuppence. “No I don’t [strip off anymore]. I’m so mature.”

Meanwhile, the glamourpuss admitted that she and hubby Kieran Naylor are back on and happier than ever.

She also said that having taken time away from Loose Women to deal with the memories that had been raised during her recent book tour did her the world of good.

She even said Kieran had acted like her “therapist” recently to reassure her he’d never stray again.

“It’s been three years since it happened [Kieran’s affair],’ she told the panel. “Kieran and I had to relive it with the book, I wanted to take time out.

“Not that we had problem. I thought ‘do I need to go back to therapy’. But I just talked to Kieran a lot.

“We had our first holiday without the kids but he spoke about them all the time. It drove me nuts. He’s obsessed.”

When Janet asked Katie how she was able to put the affair behind her without therapy, Katie said Kieran’s words were enough to help her.

“I had the therapy before, but talking to him he reassured me. He was my therapist. He was reassuring me he wouldn’t go off… He would then turn round and say ‘I’ve been through it as well’.”

“I will never forgive, I’ve learnt to deal with it, but you can’t forget. But Kieran is a lovely guy.”

And when she was asked about claims that she and Kieran had split, Katie was adamant the rumours weren’t true.

“I haven’t split, so I did all these Twitter things, but they were still saying it,” she said, referring to recently ridiculing a newspaper journalist on Twitter by posting his letter that claimed she had been overheard admitting she and Kieran were no more.

“It’s the opposite, we’re close there’s absolutely no way we’re splitting.”