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Katie Price is heckled by crowds at her show

She went on to reveal which husband is the worst in bed

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She’s currently touring the country allowing fans to get up close and personal while she bares her soul on stage.

But when she reportedly turned up 20 minutes late for her Stevenage show, fans weren’t happy and made sure she knew about it.

And it was an eventful night as one Katie Price admirer got more than he bargained for when she confessed to having “no knickers on”.

Despite being 20 minutes late on stage, she still had time to pose for Instagram before her Stevenage show (Credit: Instagram)

“That guy in the middle is going to have a great view,” she told the audience.

“He’s staring at my woohoo.”

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The Stevenage show got off to a bad start with The Sun reporting that the audience heckled the Loose Women panellist shouting “poor show” for being 20 minutes late.

She had a good excuse, though – waiting for a Nando’s!

“I’ve been waiting for my chicken Nando’s, that’s why I’m late!” she told her fans when she finally made it on stage.

As per the other nights of her tour, the star shared some very intimate details of her love life.

According to The Sun, she invited the crowd to GUESS which of her husbands was the worst in bed – the answer was unanimously ‘Alex’.

Katie and Alex split in 2011 (Credit: Wenn)

Katie confirmed their suspicions, responding: “You got it right.”

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She then went on to say that she didn’t know he was a crossdresser before she married him, and suggesting it had a negative impact on the couple’s bedroom antics.

She didn’t leave out her other conquests, saying of Dwight Yorke: “They say ‘One you’ve had black you never go back. And I did!”

Katie then continued to discuss first husband Peter Andre: “They said ‘Once you’ve had Greek you’ve hit your peak’ Well I didn’t!”

Turning to more recent heartbreaks, she alluded to her break up with cheating hubby Kieran Hayler.

Katie shared this image from her Stevenage show (Credit: Instagram)

She told the crowd: “My worst nightmare is men always hurt me – relationships I never get right.

“I’m quite kind. People always take advantage so now I test people.”

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