Katie Price is filmed drunk and getting close to a guy

The party-loving glamour girl was reportedly very merry in a night club and witnesses say they are convinced that she was getting very close to a guy

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Katie Price really doesn’t help herself, does she?

Yeah, we know she’s a good time gal who likes to party and loves a drink, but like many of us, she’s a lightweight on the grog and always manages to get herself into trouble.

This week, a video has emerged of a seemingly paralytic Katie slumped across a bar in Miami and appearing to snog a fellow reveller.

In the clip, which is likely to upset her hubby Kieran Hayler, the party girl looked like she was finding it hard to stay on two feet.

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Luckily a club reveller, wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, was on hand to offer her some much needed support and is seen wrapping his arms around her and slowly moving his head in towards her in what LOOKS like an embrace.

In the clip, tiddly Katie seems at ease with the fella’s intimate moves and doesn’t seem to discourage him.

“Katie seemed wasted,” an eye witness on the scene told The Sun.

“She was there with friends, but at one point she was slumped over the bar.

“She was visibly very woozy but seemed to perk up a bit when she got chatting to this guy.

“They were very touchy feely, and at one point he leant up behind her and put his arms around her waist.

“She seemed quite animated with him, and then they started kissing.

“It wasn’t the behaviour of a married woman.”

Katie was in Miami to shoot her 2018 calender and to film scenes for her new reality show – though we suspect what happened in the video clip probably won’t make it to the screen.

Her latest drunken antics come just four months after she told her Loose Women panel that she was going to have a dry 2017, following her embarrassing behaviour at a corporate Christmas party that had been exposed in the press.

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“I said before, when I drink I’m a nightmare, and it means there are stories in the press making out I’m a rowdy drunk,” she admitted honestly.

“It just doesn’t agree with me. I’m small so it affects me that much.

“I said I’d do a dry January, but I’m not going to drink for the whole year.

“I can do it when I’m pregnant, so what’s one year?”

Strangely for Katie, in the hours after the story emerged on The Sun, she is still to respond about the suggestion she was snogging a stranger. Instead, she has merely posted a picture of her “Miami nails” on Instagram!

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