Katie Price hit with backlash after getting a new job at This Morning

Viewers weren't afraid to vent their fury!

Katie Price was on This Morning to talk about her recent heartbreak which has included a cheating husband, a miscarriage, her mum being diagnosed with a terminal illness and threats of violence against her disabled son.

And after she sat down with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes for an interview, she was asked to return to the show later in the episode as an agony aunt.

Well, some viewers were NOT happy with that decision at all – and weren’t afraid to vent their anger.

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One viewer tweeted: “If I needed advice, Katie Price would be the last person I’d go to!”

Another said: “Katie Price giving relationship advice? Okay then, what next? Henry the VIII giving marital counselling?”

A third wrote: “The day you go to Katie Price for advice is the day you should just give up.”

And a fourth agreed: “I’d rather ask my ex for advice than Katie Price!”

Others branded the one-off phone-in a “shambles”, with others accusing Katie of taking the viewers’ problems and turning them around to talk about herself.

But there were other viewers who praised Katie’s agony aunt offerings, saying she was a good choice to answer questions on caring for a disabled child and addressing a cheating husband, given her own situation.

One of the callers who phoned in for advice was a woman whose husband has been cheating on her.

Katie famously caught her own husband, Kieran Hayler, cheating on her for a second time over the summer.

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Offering advice to the caller, Katie said: “I don’t know if you spoke about it with him. Have you actually sat down and spoken to him? There’s obviously a problem why he’s cheating. There could be different reasons.

“You definitely need need to sit down and talk. There is obviously a problem somewhere.”

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