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Friday 10th April 2020

Katie Price says her mum is "deteriorating", but is set to get her one wish before she dies

She's been through a lot this past year

We've heard an awful lot about Katie Price over the past year, but not so much from the horse's mouth - until now.

The former glamour model - who has faced bankruptcy, court dates and divorce in the past 12 months - has opened up about her mum, Amy, who was diagnosed with a terminal lung condition in 2017, admitting she is now deteriorating.

Katie's mum, Amy is sadly not getting any better (Credit: ITV)

Appearing on ITV's Loose Women, Katie, 40, admitted she'd ended up in rehab recently, in part, because: "I got told my mum was dying."

Panellist Stacey Solomon later asked her about her "incredible mum" and Katie revealed: "She has deteriorated, you would notice it. I look at it now and her little shaking - her little chest, I don't know, you just notice it, don't you?

"But I say to her 'The more you still moan at me mum, the more I know you’re alright!'

Amy and Katie are very close (Credit: ITV)

"Even today she said 'Make sure you mention this, make sure you do that' Yes Mum, yes Mum!"

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And Katie revealed Amy's one wish was to see Harvey's Law passed before she died. And this week MPs backed it and Katie has vowed to keep fighting.

Katie said: "I cannot believe that it happened and that we’ve won it. To make it a law that online abuse will be a criminal offence is amazing. My mum’s dream was that before she dies, she wants to make sure this happens. So one of your dreams will come true, mum!”

In the same chat, Katie spoke out about her rumoured bankruptcy, insisting she is not broke.

She has deteriorated. You would notice it.

She said: "Definitely not bankrupt. Most successful people when they have different businesses like me, sometimes they might go for an IVA, sometimes they go bankrupt, but you open another one and you carry on and it’s happened to me."

She added: "I'm not ashamed of anything. I haven’t gone bankrupt. Nothing of mine has gone bankrupt. It was all to do with tax on one of them. It is what it is."

The mum-of-five attended a hearing in December last year over a £22,000 unpaid tax bill.

However, she was loaned the five-figure sum by a friend and managed to avoid being declared bankrupt.

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There's no denying Katie's been through a lot this past year. Do you feel any more sympathetic towards her after this appearance?

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