Harvey Price shows off piano-playing skills in mum Katie’s YouTube video

Harvey gave a great performance

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Katie Price has shared a video of her kids celebrating Junior’s 15th birthday and her son Harvey Price is displaying his excellent musical talents.

As Katie leads Junior into the house to his surprise set-up, Harvey is sitting at a keyboard waiting.

He then starts to play Happy Birthday and Katie sings along.

Harvey performed for Junior’s birthday (Credit: YouTube)

Junior is visibly moved by his brother’s gesture and soon heads over to give Harvey a big hug.

He says: “Harvey, thank you so much,” and kisses him.

“Happy birthday, Junior,” Harvey replies.

Harvey Price piano Credit; YouTube
Junior was touched by Harvey’s gesture (Credit: YouTube)

Joking around

The video channel has nearly 150,000 subscribers. Katie usually uses it to show fun moments of family life.

And it’s not the first time Katie has posted a video of Harvey’s musical talents. She recently shared a video of her own birthday.

In it, Junior can be seen asking the other kids how old their mum is going to be.

“Mum is 42, how old is that?” he says.

“So old,” replies Bunny, Katie’s five-year-old daughter with Kieran Hayler.

“She looks good for her age though,” says Princess, in an effort to keep the peace.

“No, she’s 43!” Bunny says. Katie turned 42 on May 22 this year.

They then sing Happy Birthday as Katie enters the scene – but it’s Harvey who leads the song, showcasing a strong singing voice.

Harvey and his siblings sing happy birthday (Credit: Katie Price)

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Katie then cuts the cake – in half – and a montage follows of the family playing games, including potato sack racing.

Harvey Price taken to hospital

Harvey Price went to hospital this week in an ambulance – and Katie released a video explaining exactly what happened.

The video, entitled Harvey Health Update, is on her YouTube channel.

It starts with Katie explaining that Harvey has “complex needs” and sometimes struggles to explain how he feels if he is under the weather.

Katie told fans what happened to Harvey this week (Credit: Katie Price)

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Complex needs

She said Harvey complained of a feeling of needles in his chest.

“So straight away, I was like, do I call the doctor or do I call the ambulance?” Katie told viewers.

“I don’t like it when people waste ambulance’s time because a lot of people do do that. But generally Harvey is at high risk anyway at the moment, because of coronavirus.”

She decided to call 999, and Harvey was able to tell the operator on the phone how he felt.

Katie then explained that Harvey has a special passport, so he can be seen by doctors straight away when he goes to hospital.

Harvey Price has complex needs (Credit: Splash News)

Harvey had blood tests, his temperature was taken and he had an ECG. All the results came back as normal.

Doctors thought there was a risk of a blood clot, so they performed a chest X-Ray.

In the end, she said it was most likely Harvey had a chest infection.

“Luckily, he’s home – but it’s normally his bed time anyway now, which is why he’s asleep,” Katie explained.

Harvey then briefly woke up, joking that he told ambulance staff they were “gorgeous.”

Katie signed off reassuring fans that Harvey was safe and well.

Katie told Harvey Price she loves him in the video (Credit: Splash News)

Another video showed off Harvey’s musical talents as he performed for Junior’s birthday.

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